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The Ringing of the Peace Bell

Listen and hear the plea of the Japanese peace bell ringing a wakeup call for every world citizen. In Hiroshima, there were tens of thousands of charred bodies in nameless mass graves, “NEVER AGAIN.” There were large flaming pyramids of the dead, “NEVER AGAIN.” The rivers were swamped carrying the bodies of desperate fire-fleeing people out to sea, NEVER AGAIN.” Thousands suffered either rapid or slow lingering deaths from radiation, ”NEVER AGAIN.” Japanese peace bells, first at the United Nations and now around the world ring out for our resolve and action to abolish these instruments of world-wide uncontrollable death and destruction.

We pray for the public support and political insight to abolish these “weapons” through a legally binding international treaty, “The Nuclear Weapons Convention.” One hundred and twenty nine of one hundred and forty Nations are ready to sign. Hear the bell, Never again!

Dr. Stanley Dienst
Physician for Social Responsibility



Dear Editor,

The sources for, “The Ringing of the Peace Bell.” Submission are:

A personally guided two day tour of the Hiroshima Peace Park including The Radiation Research Foundation keeping track of the many long range effects of sub lethal exposure from the bomb, The Museum and The Red Cross Hospital.

A Japanese slide show of colored drawings entitled, “Survivors Remember”

“The Human and Environmental Consequences of Nuclear War,” a current You tube video by Dr. Ira Helfand President of The, “ International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.” (IPPNW)

Thank you,

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