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New Video Available - "Nuclear Tipping Point"

This is a recent video produced and being circulated by, "The Nuclear Threat Initiative." It features the authoratative and persuasive voices of; recent U.S. Secretaries of State and Defense and of a Senate Armed Services Committee Chair- for securing nuclear bomb-making materials, warheads and and reducing worldwide the number of nuclear warheads.

This current (2010) video is an eloquent retelling of the dangers of nuclear weapons by three former US Secretaries of State; Shultz, Kissinger and Powell, Secretary of Defense Perry and Senator Nunn. The eleven steps to be taken to finally secure the fissile bomb making material from terrorists are listed at the end. These steps are a good starting point for followup discussion (and should not be deleted).  The DVD is available at no cost from




The lingering problem of empowering and activating the public to deal with the nuclear threat is best summarized in a excerpt from a recent brochure from the organization, "Nuclear Threat Initiative," (the parent organization that produced this video).  It was written by the Co-Chairs of the organization, Ted Turner and Senator Sam Nunn. It follows:

" When we launched NTI seven years ago, we knew that our goal of reducing the threat from weapons of mass destruction was audacious. We were working in an area, after all, in which the levers of power are in the hands of government, and that policy is often cloaked in secrecy and not prone to change.

Since we knew that governments alone have the resources and authority for the large-scale work of threat reduction, we recognized that our success hinged not just on that we could do, but on what we could persuade governments to do.

In seven years, we have proved that there are many paths of persuasion. It can come through the success of smaller direct action projects, which we can then prevail on governments to replicate and expand. It can come from hearing the views of experts. It can also come through the force of public opinion. That's why we are calling on individuals to get involved - because individuals, by helping to fund this work and publicize it, can best advance and support all three angles of persuasion.

In the past, when citizens and activists learned about the threats from weapons of mass destruction, they were concerned - but many didn't believe that they could have any impact, so they tuned out and moved on.  Today, those who are worried about the the threat of nuclear weapons   have a place to go and a partner to support them as they work for a safer tomorrow.

Log on to: Join the Safer World Action Network. Become part of our movement. You can help prove that private citizens

don't have to be spectators in matters that affect our future.


Ted Turner and Sam Nunn

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Some things have changed since the U. S. ratification of the New START Treaty in December, 2010;  however, dangers from nuclear weapons and fissile materials continue as one of the major threats to our human survival.  Yet there is reason for hope, but much effort still must be carried out to lessen the risks.

Lew Patrie

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