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Draft Minutes for 9/18/07 WNCPSR Meeting
1. Present: Stan & Brad Dienst, Cindy Heil (recorder), Leah Karpen (facilitator), Mary Olson, Lew Patrie, Don Richardson  John Sticpewich, Pete Sutherland
2.  Minutes from 8/21: - Accepted with notation that meeting minutes do not reflect what happened at meetings; they contain additional information.
3.  Treasurer's report   -  $1550.21 ($565 held for CSNC - see 5/07 Minutes) leaves $985.21, check to  NSP/WNC is outstanding. 
•   WNCPSR meeting location - Our future meetings won’t be at West End Bakery. Alternatives to be explored for time and place for Tues., Oct. 16. - discussion deferred till end of mtg.
•   Long term future events                               See  ADDENDUM I
•   Other information
Southern Energy & Environmental Expo August 24 - 26:  Successful event reported 
•   PSR public events:
“War Made Easy, How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death”, Movie,             9/14,  at UU Church:  Don’s DVD, 45 present, good discussion, peace flags put up.
Common Sense @ Nuke Xroads, met 9/17; plans to add signatures to dissuade nuke transportation (NT), to spread info re John S’s NT report to other organizations, to work with new city council Jan., 2008 & Mayor Bellamy to prohibit NT; next mtg. 10/8; 6:30 PM, @ UUCA
WNCPC meets tonight (every 3rd Tues.) 7 PM, Warren Wilson Coll. - Jensen Room 305
•   Meeting Mayor Bellamy at 3:30 today to promote: “Mayors for Peace - Cities aren’t Targets”; also World Day of Peace proclamation for 9/21.  Lew & Leah will take part.
•   Cliffside coal plant public hearing - Tonight in Columbus, NC       
•   Iraq War’s 4 1/2 yr. Anniv. Sept. 19th events                See ADDENDUM II
•   Other information          
WNCPC meets tonight (3rd Tues.) 7 PM, Warren Wilson College. Students invited.
PROJECTOR - Stan has this, should it be needed.  
•   Loose Nukes - Last month WNCPSR agreed to cosponsor a presentation , by Joe Cirincione, Dir. for Nuclear Policy at Ctr. for American Progress on the threat of unsecured fissile material and proposals to address that threat.  Joe is author of the new book, Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons.   We agreed to allocate $25 should the event materialize.

•   Fundraising - 3 mtgs. led to 220 announcements re Dr. Thomasson’s events and funding requests mailed last week - Donations coming in via mail & from members at today’s meeting.
•   Catherine Thomasson, PSR President presenting in AVL thru Don’s arrangements & he will do introductions.  Stan arranged space at Mountain Area Health Education Center, wonders if we’ll exceed available space.  We will keep up with RSVPs.  Mary will create postcards & flyers with info & Dr. T’s photo supplied her for publicity.  Lew to send formatted flyer to Stan for posting on, so all may download, print & post.
October 11- Thursday  --  6:30 PM: “Iran: Exploring Myths, Revealing Realities."
For medical - health professional - activist audience.
October 12- Friday   --  7:30-9 AM , "Health Effects of Climate Change,"  
For - physicians, health professionals; others welcome.
--  2:00 PM: Radio interview with MC David Hurand at station WCQS, on Dr. Thomasson’s various issues, taped for later broadcast
--  After above, interview with WNCW-FM's Ned Ryan Doyle, same topics   
•  Recruitment & promotion - Action by Leah & Don resulted in Buncombe Co. Med. Soc. newsletter article.  Leah will followup about further BCMS email messages.    

•   Climate Change Report on health effects released by Nat’l PSR & NRDC - no action
•   NPSR advice to chapters: Organize (Employer ID # 56-1339559); No action re form 990 (or 5768) to estimate resources spent on lobbying, bylaws; incorporation; liability insurance. (no action).

7.   NEXT MEETINGS:  Oct. 16 & Nov. 20 (3rd Tues.), time & place to be arranged. 


Oct. 11-12:  Catherine Thomasson events
Oct. 12: •  Keep Space for Peace Week & UN World Space Week,  October 4 - 13:  - Global Network & WILPF are promoting this.  WNCPSR members may help by promoting & attending: “A  SPACE FOR  PEACE” , Fri., Oct. 12, 7 PM @ Unitarian Univ. Church of AVL, showing how our “Defense Department” plans to not just militarize, but weaponize space for offensive & commercial purposes.   Contact Lew
Oct. 24: United Nations Day
Oct. 24 - 30:  World Disarmament Week
Oct. 30: Mary O speaks to ECO group at Hendersonville library
Dec. 10:  Human Rights Day
March 8, 2008:  International Women's Day

ADDENDUM II -  Wed., 9/19 Vegetarian Potluck & Vigil supporting war victims at Asheville’s First Congregational Church.  Salee, an Iraqi girl (age 10) who lost both legs via US bombing of Fallujah, currently getting medical treatment in Greenville, will be present with her father, an interpreter & others working with No More Victims.  These events, marking 4 1/2 years of US occupation of Iraq, will include a video of civilian war casualties. Afterwards, there will be an 8 PM vigil at Pritchard Park.

Mission Statement

PREVENTING WHAT WE CANNOT CURE: Physicians for Social Responsibility is the medical and public health voice working to prevent the use or spread of nuclear weapons and to slow, stop and reverse global warming and the toxic degradation of the environment.