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December 20, 2013

Present: Phil Bisesi, Dr. Terry Clark, Dr. Stan Dienst, Steve Gilman, Bob Howarth, Dr. Don Richardson, Barbara Scott, JoAnn Horton

Lunch and refreshments began at 12 noon, and the business meeting followed at 12:30 pm.


1. The minutes drafted by Steve for our November 2013 meeting were discussed and approved. There was consensus to move forward to other business without further comment.

2. Terry reported that our chapter has a balance of $1,620.30. WNC / PSR received a $1,500 grant from PSR National in 2013, provided in two installments, $750 in the spring and $750 in the fall.

3. Elections for 2014 WNCPSR chapter chair, treasurer and secretary were held, and there was consensus to have our 2013 officers re-elected for 2014. The 2014 chapter chair (Terry), chapter treasurer (Lew) and chapter secretary (Steve) were elected.  

4. Phil provided a presentation on what Social Justice means to him. The presentation was delivered with a very thought-provoking handout. Steve is on the PSR National Social Justice committee and believes this presentation falls within the bounds of PSR National's focus. There was much discussion.   

5. An Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (OREPA) update was provided by Terry and Bob. The WNCPSR sub-committee members addressing this topic developed a fund-raising letter that was sent out to 60 WNCPSR contacts. The letter described what WNCPSR was doing to support OREPA, especially actions to defund the Uranium Processing Facility. To date (12/20/2013), our chapter has received $225 for this purpose. Both Terry and Bob testified at a public hearing in Knoxville, TN, making the case that the Uranium Processing Facility should be canceled. There was consensus that our chapter's support for OREPA is important and will continue. Discussion regarding gasoline and lunch expense reimbursement on this trip resulted in a recommendation that a proposal to define policy for matters of this type be drafted and presented at our next (Jan. 2014) chapter meeting. 

6. Terry reported that Dr. Mani Berenji had contacted him and PSR National regarding developing interest in the research triangle park (RTP) area. There was chapter consensus to support the development of a new PSR chapter in that area. At this time our WNCPSR chapter believes it is best that we not expand our geographic scope to RTP. Steve and Terry will participate on a conference call with Mani and PSR National to communicate our position and offer of support.

7. Don provided an update regarding our meeting with a staff person from congressman Meadows. There was positive and supportive feedback to our message regarding wasteful spending on nuclear weapons.

8. Barbara recommended that our chapter consider one or more workshop proposals  for the Veterans for Peace national conference to be held the third week of July 2014, in Asheville, NC. Much of what we do is also supported by many in Veterans for Peace. Barbara offered to get back to us as soon as she has details for proposing a workshop .

9. In regard to a WNCPSR holiday party, Barbara offered to host the event at her home at 3pm on January 3, 2014, with Sunday, January 5, as a backup date if there are weather issues. Terry will work with Barbara to develop details and communicate the event. Terry was authorized to provide up to $50 from our chapter for expenses. Those attending will be encouraged to bring a pot luck item. (As it turned out the holiday party was canceled due to inclement weather predicted on both 1/03 and 1/05.)

Next meeting: 12:00 pm Friday, Jan. 17, 2014 at the home of Steve and Beth Gilman (18 Birchwood Lane, Asheville).

Submitted by Steve Gilman, WNC/PSR chapter secretary