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April 21, 2023

WNCPSR Minutes, April 21,2023 

Attendees: Scott Baker, Scott Mahan, Bert Crain, Lew Patrie, Lynn Patrie, Dot Sulock, Phillip Bisesi, Leslie Poplawski, Terry Clark, Unable to attend: Sallee DeTomasso, Brita Clark, Mary Olson; Meeting starts 12:35

Welcome, Scott Baker

Review of agenda, approved, no additional items

Minutes, March 17,2023 Approved as written

-Treasurer’s report, Bert Crain: balance $2,589

-Climate Change Group, Scott Mahan reports

-Group will host an information booth and plant give-away at Earth Day, 5 K run at Carrier Park, on 4/22/23

- Group approved expenditure of up to $200 to purchase a canopy for information booth

-Art on magnets, for handout at Earth Day 5 K race, Thank you Leslie

- Fee for Booth at Earth Day event paid by Charles Mahan, Thank you

-Pending: ban of single use plastic bags, look into what city is doing and others and consider working in coalition with other groups

- Meeting of NRC in Erwin, TN, on 5/18/23 addressing performance of Nuclear fuel Services and invitation for public comment. More information pending 

-River/creek cleanup, choice of where to cleanup under consideration

Quarterly newsletter, discussion/planning, we will provide a sign-up list at the Earth Day booth 

-Executive Committee meeting held via zoom, Scott and Terry, Bert unable to attend,

listed items that we could address: update 990 form, review and establish by-laws, (look at bylaws of other chapters) develop business card, develop lists of members(meeting attendees, mailing lists, donor list, legislative contacts); consider term limits (two years suggested), consider steering committee or board that meets monthly (perhaps grandfather in current frequent attendees) as well as open format of non-board members welcome to attend, have quarterly meeting open to all, have a guest speaker, look into obtaining insurance

Report on Committee on Abolition of Nuclear weapons (CAN), discussion held at recent CAN considering if PSR should take a stance of an immediate cease fire between Russia and Ukraine, without preconditions (or others argue that preconditions are essential). IPPNW on 3/10/23 called for an immediate cease fire and withdrawal of all invading and occupying forcesand an urgent end to the war in Ukraine.

Individuals can sign on:

Reported $90 billion spent per yr on nuclear weapons

Military budget: $886 billion

 Rogers lecture re Single Payor Health Care, canceled

House Resolution 77 – Embracing the goals and provisions of TPNW (McGovern D-MA and Blumenauer D-OR, also Lee (CA), Holmes-Norton (DC), Jayapal (WA)). th -congress/house-resolution/77

Municipal resolution in Asheville, learn more re this?

Education materials, concerns regarding what children are being taught re nuclear issues. – Leslie

Phil – question re nuclear electrical generation. Encouraged to formulate a specific proposal regarding what we could do

Letters: Dot and Terry recently had letters to editor published in ACT

- letter needed re underfunded social programs related to military budget.


Art Day – sometime this summer

DC Days April 23-26 – Project of Alliance for Nuclear Accountability

IPPNW meets in Africa

Movie “Oppenheimer” Opens July 21 – 5 days after Trinity Test

Meeting ends – 2:00 p.m.

Next meeting: May19th

Terry Clark

Mission Statement

PREVENTING WHAT WE CANNOT CURE: Physicians for Social Responsibility is the medical and public health voice working to prevent the use or spread of nuclear weapons and to slow, stop and reverse global warming and the toxic degradation of the environment.