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October 20, 2023

Minutes, WNCPSR, October 20,2023

I.) Welcome, Scott Baker, Chair

Attendees: Phillip Bissesi, Sallee Detomaso, Lew Patrie, Lynn Patrie, Dot Sulock, Scott Baker, Flossie Baker, Terry Clark, Leslie Poplawskie

Unable to attend: Brita Clark, Mary Olson, Bert Crain, Robert Howarth, Irma Howarth

II.) Minutes of 9 15 23 approved as written

III.) Treasurer’s report, none today, as Bert is unable to attend

September balance: $2,412.05

IV.) Tax Form Filing, Terry has filed the chapter’s 990 N IRS form. He will submit the receipt of the $40 registration fee for reimbursement

V.) Selection of a PSR National Executive Director: Scott Baker has participated in the process of selecting a national director. Final decision of selection is pending

VI.) Newsletter and Climate Change group. Scott Mahan unable to attend today. Group discusses our work at the 5 K Octoberfest Run. Booth was staffed by Brita and Terry, Scott Baker, Scott Mahan, Suzanne Dixon, John Lang, Doug and Olivia Gates, Bert Crain. We distributed 60 small potted plants and provided information regarding nuclear weapons issues, climate change and decreasing the use of plastic bags. Participant in the event expressed appreciation for our work and quite a few signed to receive the newsletter. $30 donated. Plan: record the e mails to our newsletter mailing list. Deposit the $30 in our WNCPSR account.

VII Chapter’s Position on Nuclear Power. We reviewed the statement of our position on nuclear power, approved at September meeting and now posted on the wncpsr website. We reviewed the document prepared by Leslie and Dot that provides background information on points stated in our opinion. Also reviewed the document prepared by Dot on the reasoning why we oppose nuclear power.

Plan: Group thanked Leslie and Dot for their work and we set a plan of final review and editing, (by Brita and Terry) so as to finalize and post the documents on the website.

VIII.) Erwin Nuclear Fuel Services work with Uranium. Terry communicated with Linda Modica, chair, Erwin Citizen Awareness Network, (ECAN) who reports that NRC has rejected citizens appeal requesting public input. The NRC license is not yet approved. Plan: monitor for further information.

IX.) Uranium Film Festival, Leslie and Dot presented information on the Uranium Film Festival, which is planned to be held in Asheville in late March, 2024. Dot is working on arranging presentation of the festival at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in March 2024….The

Group agreed unanimously to be a sponsor of the film festival. Leslie plans to give a generous personal donation to the festival and the chapter agreed unanimously to donate $500. Team formed (Leslie, Dot, Flossie,Scott) to work on the planning for the event,

X.) Letter requested to NC congress woman Valerie Fousbee, NC 4th Congressional District, concerning signing onto letter to President Biden. The letter requests Mr Biden send a representative to the Second Meeting of the States Parties to the UN review of the TPNW (Treaty on the Prevention of Nuclear War) Action: Scott will send a letter to Representative Fousbee.

XI.) Letter prepared by Dot and circulated for signatures of the group, to legislators to support tenets of “Back from the Brink”

XII.) Holiday Parade in Asheville, 11/18/23 to march with One Earth Coalition. Group unanimously supports participating in the parade. Requested fee of $150

XII.) International Day of Peace, review that Terry and Brita were honored as Asheville Peace Activists of the Year. Event was well attended on 9/24/23

XIII.) Delegate to Health Heroes Awards Event, Friday Nov 3rd, Washington DC. Scott and Flossie Baker will attend and represent the chapter. Group unanimously agreed that Scott and Flossie will represent the chapter.

XIV.)Other remarks, Scott Baker, Chair:

1. Notes there is a need for increased public attention to the goal of abolition of nuclear weapons.

2. There would be benefit for a common/shared symbol for the various anti-nuclear groups

- 11/17/23 Next chapter meeting

12/15/23 - Christmas gathering and short meeting hosted by Dot at her home

Terry Clark