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December 16, 2011

Minutes, WNC/PSR Meeting, December 16, 2011

Meeting held at the home of Steve and Beth Gilman

Present: Steve Gilman, Bob Howarth, Sasha Hussey, Lew Patrie, Terry and Brita Clark, Phil Besesi, Stan Dienst, John Joyner

Terry Clark opened the meeting at 12:35

Minutes of the November meeting were accepted without any corrections

Treasurer Report: John Joyner reported our balance to be: $1,085.31 plus a new $25 donation. We approved payment of our dues of $25 to NC Conservation Network.

We congratulated Steve Gilman upon his appointment to PSR’s Nat’l Board. We discussed some ramifications of his new role I including how we can be supportive of him.

Old Business

-Sasha reported on his submission of the petition with 251 signatures to the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future. We expressed our appreciation to Sasha for his action and support of WNC/PSR. We regret that he expects to leave WNC in the near future and we wished him well regarding his future.

-We discussed Terry’s proposal on tentative plans to sponsor Ali Thebert of Physician for a National Health Plan to come to Asheville for a program on PNHP and/or fundraising, might even help our upcoming fund raising efforts. (Terry will communicate with Ali Thebert) (More next month)

-We discussed two proposed letters to Governor Perdue, offered by Lew Patrie. Terry will sign and send the one addressing NC current air quality standards. The other letter concerns likely effects the BRC on Am Nuclear Future might create for WNC. (Action Terry will send both letters)

-Bob Howarth updated us re Mountain Protectors meeting re their progress in affiliating with the WNC Alliance

-Stan provided information re fracking along with distributing CD’s containing a slide show to promote understanding of fracking and the adverse environmental effects. Proposed venues for airing this may include AVL’s Green Drinks as cited by Phil. (Action: Phil will look into Stan being invited to give his slide presentation at a Green Drinks meeting).

-Lew reported on progress being made by “Move to Amend of Buncombe County”

New Business

- Terry introduced a discussion regarding choosing which issues to prioritize in our PSR work. We noted that at the retreat on October 8th we listed as our # 1 priority of working towards a world free of nuclear weapons. The 2nd thru 6th priorities were Blue Ribbon Commission on Americas Nuclear Future, defunding the military industrial complex, a positive approach to alternative energy, coal ash pollution and fracking. We note that we can only emphasize a limited number of issues

-Terry led a discussion on our opportunity to conduct urgent, short term action on the coal ash issue in collaboration with PSR National, Earth Justice and Sierra Club, as proposed by Barbara Gottlieb of NPSR. Focus would be on legislators and white house re choices EPA recommends vs. congressional legislation regarding toxic emissions. We will work to recruit a local, well trained physician who could join in the work on this time limited plan. Several physicians were mentioned. Terry will contact them and explore re their interest in participating. (Action)

-We discussed the next NRC hearing in Gaffney, SC on Jan. 19th 2011 regarding the NRC’s draft EIS report. Some of our members may travel to Gaffney to testify. Others can send in comments in writing. The EIS report is available in CD format.

-Next WNC/PSR meeting planned for January 20th at Steve and Beth’s home. Noon lunch, 12:30 meeting

-The meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM

Terry Clark