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January 21, 2011

Present: Lew Patrie, Bob Howarth, Stan Dienst, Brad Dienst, Tim Takaro, Steve Gilman,  Phil Bisesi, Laura Sorenson, Ray Hearne, Paul Gallimore, Don Richardson, John Joyner, Victoria and Jordan Furr, Ann Vilen, Zachary Vilen, James Sheeler,  Pablo Stone,  Stacy Mitchell, Greg Olson, Mary Olson (Host)

Mary Olson requested a few minutes’ comment from each of those present who bussed to the recent Blue Ribbon Commission meeting in Augusta, and we heard from James Sheeler, Steve Gilman (wife Beth went), Bob Howarth (who met with Brent Scowcraft armed with notes from Lester Brown’s Plan B 4.0), Laura Sorenson, Stan Dienst and Lew Patrie, whose comments are on our web page

We urge hundreds of WNC folks to send further critique to: BRC@nuclear.  Phil Bisesi reminded us that personal letters are most effective. Victoria Furr will write a fact sheet which will be available to all of us on the send-around email/phone list (see separate attached sheet).

START Treaty has passed the senate. Senator Hagan remains equivocal about nukes as indicated in a letter to Don Richardson, but did vote for START.

Mary Olson announced a pot luck event for NIRS office on Thursday, January 27 at 5:30 PM. This will be a follow-up on the BRC meeting.
April 26, being call for  a Global Action Day (25 yrs, post Chernobyl), we will plan our action at a later meeting.

Paul Gallimore requested a graphic artist for a poster on nuclear issues and Stacy Mitchell volunteered.  Greg Olson volunteered to do a musical event as fundraiser, no specific details yet.

MINUTES of Nov. meeting:  by agreement these were not reviewed

TREASURER John Joyner reported a balance of $624.16

EVENTS ,past and future:

  • Lew Patrie showed the film “Nuclear Tipping Points” to an audience of 10 at the UU church yesterday evening (Jan 20, 7 PM).
  • Don Richardson presented the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the future of WNCPSR, which took place at the Stone Ridge Tavern on Jan 19, Wednesday.
  • Terry Clark is a candidate for Chair but was unable to attend today. Dot Sulock has declined. We discussed other ways to reduce Lew’s workload, if he will continue to chair. Steve agreed to become involved in Face-Book.
  • We agreed on rotating monthly meetings with Shuler, Hagan & Burr all with AVL offices, one per month, with ad hoc meetings as needed for hot button issues, with a manageable number per meeting. Don agrees to set up these meetings with local staffers, or with legislator if available.
  • We also OKed continuing regular monthly meetings at NIRS office, but every 4th month substitute an evening meeting at a selected venue to accommodate larger groups, with an appropriate film or presentation.  Many venues were suggested, including the UU church, downtown library, First Congregational church, Firestorm café, UNCA, Warren Wilson College, Jubilee church,  St. Eugene church, Friends Meeting House; AND many possible co-sponsors listed: VFP-Dave Ireland, Interfaith Power and Light-Richard Fireman, Clean Water of NC, Canary Coalition-Avram Friedman, WNC Alliance-Julie Mayfield, Sierra Club-Judy Maddox, Audubon Society, Unity church Arden-Chad O’Shea, Transition Asheville, WNC Green Building Council-Phil Besesi.
  • Also suggested was to set the agenda for next month’s meeting at the present site.
  • We agreed to Mary O’s suggestion that our February meeting be a joint Nuclear Waste Meeting/PSR meeting, with lunch & Waste Meeting from 12-1 followed by the PSR meeting from 1-2:30, all invited to both sessions.
  • John Joyner is authorized to renew our $25 NC Conservation Network membership. Those of us not yet on their email list can be added (see attachment).  Stan will report re website renewal fee when indicated.
  • Paul Gallimore wants his Longbranch Environmental Education Center to co-sponsor some of our programs.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PM.
Don R, oldest established permanent floating secretary in WNC; further edited by Lew