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February 18, 2011

WNCPSR MINUTES, Feb 18, 2001

Noon at NIRS Office, Asheville, NC
Meeting was convened at 1:45 PM following Nuclear Waste Meeting (12:00- 1:45)

Present: Stan Dienst, Lew Patrie, Steve Gilman, Don Richardson, Mary Olson, Terry Clark, Bob Howarth, Ellen Thomas, Bonnie Earlywine, Paul Gallimore

Treasurer's Report: Balance=$424 including $65 from pass-the-hat donations from the last meeting are in the WNCPSR account but available as needed. Today's donations totaled $40.

Paul introduced the flier re nuclear waste in WNC and said he could get a reduced rate of $180 for a thousand prints of his poster, which was shown around. Discussion followed. Stan said he has had poor results with gettng them posted in the past. It was finally agreed that those with color printers could print them as needed at home and display in their areas, and be reimbursed for printing costs. Motion by Stan made,  seconded and passed.

Question re fundraiser. (Lew) Mary stated it was a good time for it (taxes, etc.).and volunteered to host the letter stuffing party. Lew agreed to draft a letter for approval.

Recent Events Reviewed (also see agenda)
2/11, “Gasland” DVD: (fracking the environment), AVL UU Church
2/27,  Nuclear Waste Potluck at Mary's Feb 27 at 6:00 PM. Other pending events:
2/21, Ant-war march from United Way to Pack Square, Feb 21 at 10:00 AM
2/22, Don arranged meeting with Sen. Hagan’s staff, 3:30 PM, 82 Patton Ave., 6th floor, building across from Pritchard Park. Bob, Lew, Don, Mary, Terry plan to go (5 limit)
Early March (?3/8) Meeting at Shuler's office,  time TBA.
Early April, time and date TBA, Meeting at  Senator Burr's office
March 11, DVD, "What in the World Are They Spraying?", 7 PM, AVL, UU Church

Facebook discussed & more.

Zach Vilen had made an excellent presentation of its capabilities at the noon meeting. Zach will offer the website for approval in a week of two.

Question arose as to the issue of whether the reprocessing plant will really be built at SRS, are we are getting the "cart before the ox" (Ned) by especially addressing possible storage at Sandy Mush, and even nuclear transport, rather than reprocessing & energy park at SRS.  Mary feels we should accommodate Ned's concerns but go ahead and publish the approved website.

WNCPSR can at least be listed with the Buncombe Co. Medical Society (Lew)

WNCPSR Planning: Terry Clark has agreed to Chair, relieving Lew. In order to get up to speed several will meet with Terry at Broadmoor Golf Club, Tues, 3/1, 10 AM - noon. Clubs optional. Those planning to meet: Terry, Don, Bob Howarth, Steve, possibly Stan. Terry will meet separately with Lew.

The next meeting is Friday, March 18 at noon, NIRS office.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45.

Don Richardson, Scribe; additional molestations, Lew