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September 16, 2011

Minutes of WNCPSR meeting, 9-16-11, noon

Home of Beth and Steve Gilman

John Joyner III, Bob Howarth, Lew Patrie (Emeritus), Steve  Gilman, Terry Clark, Don Richardson, Sasha Hussey

Terry Clark opened the meeting at 12:30 sharp.

Minutes of the August meeting were approved as written.

TREASURER'S REPORT: John Joyner reported a net of $1570.31 after $50.000 sent to V4P for  our table at the 9/21 International Day of Peace Rally. John is working  on getting us non-profit status. We must maintain a balance of $1500 to  maintain our account. Lew suggested a possible new fundraiser. No action  until next month.

OLD BUSINESS: Lew presented a flow chart of the IDP rally to take place in Pack Square  9/21 from 3:00 PM to 7:30 PM, with copies to all attendees. Several have  volunteered to man the booth.

UNCA Student Conference, 9/24, 3-10 PM. Sasha has prepared a Petition to the Blue Ribbon Commission, the text of which was discussed and edited.  Sasha and others will man our card table and signed petitions will be  forwarded to the BRC. Sasha is to be reimbursed for expenses.

Lew reported on the 4 day meeting in Toronto concerning the events of  9/11. There is overwhelming evidence of an inside job, in conflict  with the "official report" and the whitewashed report of the belatedly  appointed 9/11 Commission. Don has many books and films by experts   including documetaries from the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth  destroying the official story, and Don and Lew hope to show some of   these films soon, possibly at Lew's UU church or other venue.

Steve discussed Facebook directions.

Bob Howarth represented us at a recent Green Drinks meeting. Our statement  re the IDP Rally will be read by Rachel Bliss or her designee. We are a  sponsoring group along with V4P and others. Lew will provide our WNCPSR  banner; chairs, Terry; canopy and card table, Bob; Lew, Sasha and Bob,   weights to secure canopy in case of tornados, hurricanes and tsunamis.

Terry will leave 9/22 for the 2-day Chapter Leadership Conference in  Chicago. WNCPSR will pay half his expenses. At our Saturday, October 8  retreat he will report on the meeting. Terry and Steve will have a  planning meeting beforehand to fashion said report.

Terry reported on the status of the Coal Ash Project. We have yet to   hear from Barb Gottlieb about the availability of the possible grant.  We await info.

Lew handed out a one page request by Mary for members to go to the BRC  hearing in Atlanta October 18. Mary cannot attend due to conflict with  a meeting in DC October 20, but is willing to organise a van or car pool  as needed. The meeting is to tell the BRC there is NO WAY we will accept  a nuclear presence in our mountains.

Lew is working on a draft letter to Governor Perdue re nuclear waste and  storage.

Leah will be hosting Linda Gunter from Beyond Nuclear at her home on 28  October,  5:30 for snacks -- no dinner served! Directions next meeting.

Lew distributed another letter from Mary Olson, this one about the   possibility of reactor meltdowns from loss of power for on-site   generation due to solar flares, which could compromise the grid.   End of world scenarios are no longer science fiction. Mary says the NRC  has been apprised of this possibility. A mere $5 billion could upgrade  the grid to reduce the threat, but hey, there are some 160 countries   we haven't bombed yet, and money is tight.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:55 PM. The next meeting is at noon,  October 21, 2011, Steve and Beth Gilmans' home.

Don Richardson, Solar Flare Secretary