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March 19, 2021

Minutes WNCPSR March 19th, 2021

Via Free conference call, 

Time    12:30- 2:00 PM

Attendees: Lew Patrie, Bert Crain, Scott Baker, Leslie Poplawski, Mary Olson, Brita Clark, Phil Bisesi, Sallee DeTomaso, Bob Howarth, Terry Clark

I.) Review and approval of February 19th meeting

II.) Treasurer, report, Lew Patrie

       balance: $1521.92

III.) Business:

       PSR,Committee on Abolition of Nuclear Weapons Report: Bert Crain, 20 attendees on the call. Focus on getting our message to the Executive branch of government as well as congress. Sierra Club working on advocacy of Back from the Brink plus working to stop new weapons systems Importance of Senate bill 595 to block funding cruise missiles that are highly accurate, destructive and difficult to detect cruise missiles. This will destabalize nuclear weapon comparisons and promote renewed arms race. Webinar pending for 3 24 21, info at PSR website. Committee encourages that we recruit more medical professionals to the work of PSR re nuclear weapons. Two remarkable ant nuc weapons activists noted: Greek physician, Gregoris Lambakas anti nuclear activist activist killed in 1963. Basis of the movie, “Z”

Mordechai Vanuvu, Israli  technician, peace activist exposed that Britain was developing a nuc bomb imprisoned for 19 years, now released, confined to Israel There is an available movie about this, “Secret Weapon” made in 1990.

-Follow-up, report on progress on fund-raising letter, Scott has prepared the letter, Terry is getting it copied and will be mailed shortly along with Bert’s letter published in the NC Medical Journal

Recent publications, letters, actions:

- Bob Howarth submitted a proposed resolution concerning nuclear weapons via his local  democratic precinct. This can serve as a mechanism to spread the word, educate, re nuclear issues via other precincts, Democratic or Republican. Bob encourages others to use this mechanism and group concurs.  

- Bert Crain, Letter to Editor published in NC Medical Journal, link Link: A Call to Action: Renewing the Call for Public Health Advocacy Against Nuclear Weapons | North Carolina Medical Journal

Ralph Hutchison, coordinator of the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance offers to give a presentation to a Western NC audience as an update on nuclear weapons issues such as planning and legislation. Ralph can deliver such a conference by Zoom. He requests we offer him a chioice of dates. Most probable audience would be those interested in working to advocate. Phil moves, Brita seconds to follow thru with such a presentation by Ralph

-Plan: invite Ralph Hutchinson to give a virtual, zoom facilitated update on nuclear issues.

Discuss, offer dates. /discuss with Ralph re target audience and offer a couple dates for conference.

Terry and Bob will communicate with Ralph to set up date and target audience 

- Cherry Tree, Members will go by and look at the tree and take pictures when it blooms. Brita will plant succulents around the plaque. We will need to do weeding and mulching soon. Plan: communicate with each other about these tree related tasks.

- The Last Cherry Blossom, Brita has ordered 5 copies that she will distribute to 5 different public library branches. This well written book pertaining to the bombing of Hiroshima is written for an adolescent audience.

- In person chapter meetings, group discussed the benefits and hope that soon we can have our meetings in person. The group is hopeful that we may resume in-person meetings starting in May if Covid related restrictions permit.

Brita proposes writing a letter of thanks to Senator Burr re his vote to impeach, placing country above party. Plan: Brita will write letter. Group concurs that we will all add our  names to the letter

- Bert notes he is preparing a letter to legislators re nuclear issues and invites others to sign on to the letter

   -Followup re item concerning terms of office, bylaws; no recent work, we will put this on future agenda. Terry, Bert, Scott

Next meeting: April 16, 2021

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Clark