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May 21, 2021

Minutes WNCPSR May 21, 2021, Attendees:

Brita and Terry Clark, Lew Patrie Scott Baker, Bert Crain, Phil Bisesi, Sallee DeTomaso, Bob and Irma Howarth, Leslie Poplawskie, David Wheeler; meeting via Zoom, facilitated by Ellen Thomas

-Asked if there are other agenda items. No 

-Health update provided, regarding Phil Bisesi, Lew Patrie, both are recovering

I. Minutes of 4 16 2, reviewed and approved as written

II. Treasurer’s report: Balance: approximately $2,271.92, BB&T on-line access not available recently. Terry will call technical support line to get on-line back up.

Announcement: Lew Patrie is ending his work as the treasurer of the chapter. We all express appreciation in his work as treasurer. Scott Baker will be the new treasurer. We likely will change banks. Terry, Lew and Scott will meet to review the duties of the Treasurer.

Action: Scott Baker is the new Treasurer of The Chapter, WNCPSR.

III. Business:

-Committee on Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (CAN) Report, Bert Crain 

-Last week, the White House announced that it wants Congress to include a massive subsidy for nuclear power plants in legislation to enact President Biden’s $2.3 trillion American Jobs Plan. Doing so would cost upwards of $200 billion – half of the total budget for “clean” energy in the American Jobs Plan. We cannot continue to let nuclear energy block the growth of solar, wind, and other clean, safe, renewable energy sources. The twin environmental crises of climate change and radioactive waste demand that we phase out nuclear power 

-Announcement there is a petition by NIRS  for individual sign-on opposing subsidy to nuclear industry in American Jobs plan. Access petition for individuals to sign on their support if they so decide. Access link:

- Fundraising report;  mailing to 63 potential donors, 8 donors to date, total $825

More mailings pending.

Letters/correspondence: Bert reviews that he has sent letters to all of the NC elected US congressional legislators and senators concerning nuclear weapons and relevant legislation. He has requested meetings with legislators of their staff; no reply yet.

-HR. 2370, Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. One key component is carbon pricing, update by Bob Howarth referencing an article on the topic in the Asheville Citizen Times

- Next chapter meeting: June 18th 12:30 til 2:00 by zoom. Hopefully, we can soon resume meeting in person.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Clark