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April 16, 2010

Revised Minutes of the WNCPSR Meeting, 4-16-10, at NIRS office in Asheville

Present: Tim Takaro, Stan Dienst, Leah Karpen, Mary Olson, Lew Patrie, Pete Sutherland, Don Richardson (7)

Prior to start of agenda, we shared:

  • Ned Doyle’s Karl Grossman interview for WNCW-FM re our March 25 program on “Weapons in Space?”.  It is archived and available for use.
  • Re: Important planned April 21 events following up the Grossman program, “Round Table Discussion:  Weapons in Space? Nukes on Earth?”; Leah announced 4 have signed up for 2 PM at her home (plus Lew) and 7 PM at the Highsmith Student Union, room 104.
  • Leah announced the Peace Action Award Dinner to be held May 20 in Raleigh.  No WNCPSR members will likely be able to go.

March Minutes OKed with addition of "for travel" to the Grossman reimbursement.

Treasury report: John Joyner reported in absentia: 4/6 bank balance = $1791.99. Wallin’s check for poster art outstanding. No bill yet from the Reuter Center for the Grossman lecture.

  • Mary noted: Associated press report for 4/21 on new Westinghouse reactors. The fuel comes from the UK and the reactors are by Hitachi. Outsourcing continues!
  • Mary discussed April 22, 4 PM, public meeting at Unicoi County HS Auditorium, at which the NRC will take questions re restart of Nuclear Fuel Services' Navy Fuel Process line: uranium hexafluoride. Lew and Brita Clark may go.  Mary said that there is a report indicating 1 out of 40 people who live within 40 miles of that site is at risk for developing cancer
  • Mary urged WNC folks go to Radioactive Waste Policy program in Chicago, June 4-6, sponsored by a number of nonprofits, at Loyola U. Cost of housing at Loyola is $45/night double and $60 single.  Large numbers could get a bus, or carpool if group small.
  • Mary and Glenn Carroll will keynote at the Oak Ridge program, Resistance for a Nuclear Free Future, July 4 at Maryville, TN and the Y-12 facility. OREPA marks the 30th anniversaries of Nukewatch and Nuclear Register. In March we agreed to sponsor and sent $30 to Nukewatch.
  • Lew attended April 1-2  NC Conservation Network conference in Raleigh connecting with 20 nonprofits re working more effectively, e.g., highest priority for this legislative session: solar power. A Michigan woman presented on networking, Twitter, Facebook and Blogs for improving communication. Stan & Lew to see Totsie Marine re possible website upgrades.
  • Mary’s Op-Ed to be in Monday Raleigh News and Observer on energy wastage and nukes.
  • Lew noted 2 items re the Haiti Crisis. Admittedly not one of our priorities, we’ll lend our name as cosponsor & publicize UNA’s upcoming panel on this topic.
  • Our member, Jack Allison, whose Haiti experience report on his post quake service went to our members, sent info re further efforts to prevent disease through his music, which he is away working on currently.  Jack is promoting financial relief; although our chapter is not in a position to help, but individuals might help with rebuilding and sustaining Haiti via: <>
  • Lew showed a Power Point from NPSR on global warming. Stan cited a preferable alternative, which we agreed for Stan to place on
  • Next meeting is 5/21, noon at NIRS. We discussed possible recess from meetings in summer months and will firm it at May meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:55 PM.

Don Richardson, Secretary for the New Millennium & Lew P, Chair Apparent