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April 17, 2020

Minutes, WNCPSR April 17, 2020 revised draft 

Meeting conducted by conference call. 1.5 Hour duration.

Attendees Lew Patrie, Phil Bisesi, Sallee Detomaso, Scott Baker, Mary Olson, Bert Crain, Leslie Poplawski, Brita Clark, Irma Howarth, Bob Howarth. Unable to attend: Steve Wall

I Minutes of chapter meeting of 2/21/2020 approved as written. Noted that we did not request position statements from primary candidates. We can consider requesting positions of candidates in the general election. 

II Treasurers  Report, Lew, balance $2,324.08 or $240 less since there is an outstanding check of $240 that would leave a balance of $2084.08. It has been difficult to clarify with bank on line or phone. Terry will communicate with the bank by phone or in person.

III Business Old and New- 

- Music event, Scott and Mary have discussed the concept. Still some consideration of an event in August as 75th year commemoration of the victims of bombing of Hiroshima Nagasaki. Consider providing a way for people to get involved beyond attending the event. Leslie notes that we could consider an event via social media. We would need to develop more technical skills than members have. General group agreement to maintain 75th  year commemoration as a focus.  Group concurred with the idea to explore partnering with radio station WCQS and/or 103.7 to prepare  public educational presentations re lessons to learn from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Mary and Scott and Mary will communicate with WCQS.

Note: we already have arranged for the chapter to be a day sponsor at WCQS and announce the commemoration on August 6th and 9th. We could explore adding an announcement of an event.

- CAN Report, Bert notes committee’s focus:

- push to lobby for renewal of New Start Treaty, educate the public of the importance of nuclear weapons as a serious threat to public health. Consider working collaboratively on this task.

-push to have event and or media recognition of 75th year post nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Consider a joint recognition with other groups such as Veterans for Peace

Committee emphasizes that the Covid-19 pandemic can serve as a notice of how ill prepared the United States is to manage response to the pandemic. And to make note that there is no meaningful medical response to the devastation that would be caused by detonation of nuclear weapons yet efforts to prevent use of nuclear weapons are inadequate. Likewise the US is not adequately addressing climate change and the consequences of this will be upon our children, grand-children and great-grandchildren.

- ONE PSR Report, issue raised as to wheather  non-profit organizations qualify for federal assistance thru Payroll Protection Plan due to the disruption of work by the pandemic.

-Late entry: Bob Gould circulated the San Francisco PSR e-newsletter which describes a fresh perspective of work on our priority issues in the context of the social justice impact of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Terry

Request to sign-on petition by Nuclear Watch, New Mexico to extend public comment  period. Group unanimously support WNCPSR signing on as a supporter of this petition.

We will submit a comment on behalf of WNCPSR regarding the planned increase production of plutonium pits. Terry will attend to this and copy the group. All individuals can also comment.

- Request to sign-on to request in support of Open Skies Treaty. Group unanimously support continuation of this treaty. Terry will sign on for group and copy group and individuals can also comment, 

- Plaque for Cherry Tree

- the plaque, Bob reviewed ideas about the construction of the plaque. The committee, Scott, Leslie,Brita, Bob, will decide.

- Statement on plaque, Scott and Leslie will make the decision.  Scott will circulate statement for comments. 

- Art on plaque, Leslie, will give more thought on this.

-flower bed around tree, most of the members of the group expressed that if the city has a general customary landscaping and flower choices, let them do their customary landscaping

Covid-19 CNN guest editorial, Ira Helfand et al

Will Covid-19 save the world?

fron CNN article: "If there is one lesson we can learn from this crisis, it is this: When the experts tell us the sky is going to fall if we don't take action, we better take action or the sky really may fall."

PSR resources on Covid-19

Other agenda items

--Respectfully submitted,

Terry Clark