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January 17, 2020

Minutes,  WNCPSR January 17, 2020

Unable to attend: Mary Olson, Leslie Poplawski

Attendees, Lew, Bert, Scott, Phil Bisesi, Sallee, Dot, Brita, Terry, Bob, Johnny, Steve Wall

12:00 – 12:30 Social, bag lunch, snacks

12:30 – 2:00 Business meeting

I. Steve Wall welcomed to the meeting.

I.) Approval of minutes of December 20th, as written

II.) Treasurer’s Report, Balance:$2,699. Lew

III.) Business

- Letters to editor, or to legislators for signatures, no new ones

-Cherry Tree Project:

 Scott noted that in doing the Cherry Tree Planting project we can attend to lessons learned that can facilitate future projects: 

1. Set date and time early and stick to this time

2. Publicity, publicity, publicity and contacts, note several contacts made with media. Keep a record of contacts. Requires work and time  

3. Involve people in the ceremony. The number of participants, organizations are important

4. Keep the message simple, short and direct

5. Clear assignments for project tasks and responsibilities

6. Message of hope, remind people of progress. 

6. Obtain Leslie’s input on take-away lessons

-Further planning:

  Plaque: decide on wording.  

 Plan: Input re specifics of plaque from Leslie, Scott, and others

         We need to clarify the care that GreenWorks will provide.

         Clarify our role in care of the tree.

         Look into of possibly care-taking of the plot surrounding the tree

- plan an event in spring (perhaps when tree in bloom)

-  Engage media re the event.

- Handout, update, To increase awareness of The Treaty on Abolition of Nuclear weapons, Bob will develop the handout, usable at various venues.  Terry, Dot and others available for input. Artistic input from Leslie.

Committee on Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (CAN) report, Bert Crain noted the committee’s emphasis on doing collaborative work with other organizations. Committee members express concern of increased risk of  the use of nuclear weapons with conflict between Trump administration and Iranian leadership as well as ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan and no good plan regarding North Korea’s continued development of its’ nuclear weapons arsenal . He noted the importance of communicating hope to all, especially the younger generation. Remind people of the progress that has been made. It is of great concern that demographic groups such as adolescents and young adults express much pessimism regarding planet-threatening issues such as climate change and nuclear weapons issues. Indeed,we face dire threats from the issues yet  it is most important for people to maintain hope and work to promote the future of life and the planet. 

Noted continued emphasis enlisting support of municipalities for the Bk from the Brink Campaign.

-ONE PSR report, Reviewed the timelines (Jan 31st for chapter report, early March for submission of PSR grant request for) Terry will do the reports and seek help from others as needed. Lew will prepare the financial portion of the reports. Form 990 to be filed soon. Noted topic of liability insurance for officers. (Johnny will seek comment from an attorney friend).  Reported that at least one other chapter has liability insurance. Terry 

-Plans for 2020: 

Issues we may decide to focus upon, including specific projects:  Noted that nuclear weapons issues not in the general public consciousness.  WNCPSR likely is the only group in Asheville area with a primary focus on nuclear weapons issues. Steve Wall notes that a group of people gather in front of Haywood County Courthouse  Wednesdays at noon to promote abolition of nuc weapons.   

-Dot recommends monthly public vigils to address nuclear weapons, with hand held signs and handout  of bookmarks or postcard. Goal is to educate the general public. Also can vigil with Veterans for Peace on Tuesday evenings. 

-Use of social media, twitter or other to reach many more people. Action: Johnny and Terry will develop this further

-Music venue considered, hosting a top-notch performer who will attract a large audience. Combine with short presentations between music sets addressing nuc weapons. Music may reach across partisan divide. Action: Scott and Bert wiil develop this further.

-Interaction with Care for Creation, several chapter members already participate with this group. 

- Interaction with other groups on nuc weapons, climate change

-use of good short films such as “What if We Nuke a City?” over 8 million hits on youtube! Great for wide range of venues. 

Video link Action: Share this link with all and look for opportunities to show it. 


Upcoming conference near Gattlingburg, “International Conference on Abolition of Nuclear Weapons”, sponsored by OREPA, Maryville, TN, May 23-25, Contact OREPA, Make Reservations early

- Citizen Climate Lobby, monthly meeting, “Bridging Partisan Divide” Monday, Jan 20th 6:30, Asheville School

   Climate Conference, meeting (Wednesday, January 29th, 6-8:30 PM), Lenoir Rhyne University, 36 Montford Ave,  RSVP, dinner included, conference to establish regional representation working with Clean Air Carolina, see their impressive website:  RSVP 

Action: Determine who from our group will attend and need to RSVP

Recommended book, “Bomb Scare, The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons”, author Joe Circione, 

Next meeting, Feb 21st 

Respectfully submitted

Terry Clark