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January 23, 2009

WNCPSR Meeting Minutes, January 23, 2009 at UU Church, Asheville, NC

12 PRESENT: Jack Allison, Stan Dienst, Will & Susie Hamilton, John Joyner, Leah Karpen, Susan Oehler, Mary Olson, Lew Patrie, Laura Sorensen, Pete Sutherland & Tim Takaro

PROGRAM: Following introductions, Stan showed the DVD “The Awakening Universe”

Treasurer's Report: Current balance = $719.32, reflecting Dec. payments: Website $249, NC Con Net $30, Lew’s ‘08 PSR expenses $341, Lew’s contribution $350, it’s time to pay Common Sense @ Nuclear Crossroads$260 which we have been holding for them, leaving us with $459. 32.  Discussion led to call for fundraising, led by letter stating planned events.

Minutes of the Nov. 11, 2008 meeting were accepted.


11/25 - PSR at AVL City Council Mtg in support of ordinance vs. nuclear transport.
12/5 - Lew presented Brave Nation DVD to Peace Studies Class @ WW College.
12/12 - Leah hosted Holiday Party where Dr. Magnarella gave fine power point presentation on progress toward reducing & eliminating nuke wpns (25 people attended).
12/29 - Don & Lew met John Mitchell, Sen. Burr’s WNC representative promoting PSR priorities for elim. of nuclear wpns & actions vs. global climate change.  More info to follow.
1/12 - Mary O, Don & Lew similarly met with Myrna Campbell, Cong. Shuler’s AVL representative;  future meetings are needed.
Meeting with Sen. Hagan still in the works.(Laura may provide helpful info)
2/20 - “Scarred Lands; the Environmental Footprint of War”, to be shown at 7 PM in UU Church.  This is important for PSR advocates describing these underrated effects of war.
2/28, 3/1 - AVL Youth activists (6 busloads) to DC to lobby Congress, part of  “Power Shift”
3/17 - Bonnie Raitt plays AVL, also in Columbia, SC; more at
3/13 to 19 - events noting 6th anniversary of Iraq War, more info next month


  • 4/6 - Leah expanded on PSR sponsored World Affairs Council meeting to be in Owen Conf. Ctr., UNCA , 7:30 PM, featuring DVDs, "Beyond War" & "Nuclear Weapons & the Human Future".  League of Women Voters may be another cosponsor.
  • Mary proposed a forum on energy, related to AVL City Council’s willingness to accept transport of nuke waste, cosponsored by NIRS, WNCPSR, others, coordinated with 4/6 meeting.  Following discussion we approved.  Mary will work on details.

Related to above, subgroup to meet in future (Leah, Laura, Pete, Lew) formed to provide related info to schools, Lew to provide list of DVDs, Leah will contact AVL Day School, Laura suggested “Chernobyl Heart”, Pete suggested involvement in science fairs.

  • We also proposed these items be included in fundraising letter. (John, Mary, Pete & Lew)
  • Anti-cluster bomb petition was circulated for signatures
  • We discussed NPSR Campaign to rid world of nuclear weapons; passed out related info.



We decided to change regular meeting day to 3rd Fridays. We will next meet Friday, Feb. 20th at Noon in room 4, UU Church, same general format as today. That will be the same date as  “Scarred Lands; the Environmental Footprint of War” noted above.


OTHER - Omitted Items:

  • 4/2 to 5  -  NPSR invites chapters to annual meeting & lobby days  in DC
  • Thanks to Don Richardson, WNCPSR partnered with Campaign for a Nuclear Free World

Lew Patrie - (828) 299-1242

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. - Chief Seattle