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June 19, 2009

Lew Patrie opened the meeting with a showing of the PSR power point presentation, STEPS TO SAFETY.

MINUTES OF THE WNCPSR MEETING, JUNE 19, 2009, at UU Church, Asheville,

Present: Leah Karpen, Susan Oehler, Lew Patrie, Don Richardson, Pete
Sutherland, Mary Olson

Lew Patrie opened the meeting with a showing of the PSR power point
presentation, STEPS TO SAFETY, covering a melange of nuclear issues
from terrorism to nuclear war in SE Asia  to the collision of
UK/French nuclear submarines to the need for reductions of the 95% of
nuclear weapons held by the US and Russia to the need to ratify the
CTBT to eventual elimination of all nukes to the environmental
holocaust posed by use of nukes.

The Treasurer's report was postponed in the absence of John Joyner.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved except for Leah's
objection that her statement that Oak Ridge trips have not been
productive should be removed.

Mary Olson noted that the relevant industries are putting out a
propaganda blitz that the climate bill will be "too expensive,"
ignoring that not to address this issue would be many times more
expensive. Survival is apparently still an elitist idea.

Susan Oehler announced two pending talks which she is sponsoring, and
handed out flyers for distribution by those present. One is Pace e
Bene, by Father Louis Vitale on June 21, 6PM, in the lecture hall in
Simpson Administration Building, A-B Tech, Victoria Road, Asheville,
titled "Love Your Enemies: Transforming Us vs. Them Thinking."  The
other is by Faiza Al Araji, "Iraq from the eyes of an Iraqi mother,"
June 28, 2009, at 6 PM at Asheville Friends meeting.

A Hiroshima/Nagasaki program for August 6 was discussed. A silent
vigil locally, possibly in Pritchard Park, was suggested, with posters
and candles after dark. Plans will be finalized at the July meeting.

Laura Sorenson has some family health problems and will probably be
unable to organize an Oak Ridge bus trip for August 6.

The Cliffside Coal Plant was discussed. WNCPSR will endorse NC WARN's
motion to revoke the certification of public convenience and necessity
for the proposed Unit 6 and request a public hearing in Charlotte.
Cliffside Unit 6 is not needed, is hugely costly, is a health threat
and a major source of GHGs.

It was agreed to meet at Heath Shuler's office after the meeting.
(This was done, and Mary, Lew and Don discussed the energy and climate
bills with Erica, stating our strong opposition to any weakening of
these bills as tantamount to surrender to the profitmongers.)

Plans for SEEEXPO were discussed. Ned Doyle is doing the planning and
we need to set a volunteer schedule at the July meeting.  Lew will
submit necessary application to Ned Doyle along with fees from the
treasuries of WNCPSR & CS@NC.

Don agreed to check with national on the economics of nuclear power
vs. renewables, and request all handouts available on this issue.

Lew is anticipating some surgery and it was agreed to meet July 17 at
Firestorm, noon snack and 12:30 PM showing of film "The Strangest
Dream," followed by the business meeting.  Firestorm Cafe is on
Commerce  St,  just east of Coxe Ave. 1 block south of Patton Ave in
downtown Asheville.

Adjourned at 1:55 PM.