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September 18, 2009


Lew Patrie opened the meeting with informal lunch 12-12:30 PM.
Present: Jack Miller, Lew Patrie, John Joyner, Mary Olson, Jim Roush,  Brita Clark, Terry Clark, Laura Sorenson, Leah Karpen, Pete  Sutherland, Stan Dienst and Don Richardson (scribe)

Mary offered thanks to Jim Brown and the Patries for donations to her  new house/office, and will take donations of pertinent  energy/nuclear/environmental books, not to be returned. The house is an   Energy Star building which will be available for use by appropriate  groups, and an Open House is pending for the near future.20

Jim Roush announced the UN Association's upcoming eight session course to be held on Wednesdays for the College For Seniors, at UNCA, 2-4 PM,  starting September 23. Don will participate. Jim has a DVD on nukes and  the human future which is available to us.20

Lew Patrie showed the film "A Space For Peace"
from 12:40 to 1:00 PM,  followed by introductions of all present, there being a guest (Jack  Miller).

July minutes were not available for review.

The August 6 Asheville downtown vigil for peace was discussed and felt  to be successful. Laura suggested addition of speakers and more participation by the  Students Peace Alliance (home schoolers), and possibly a songfest, all  aimed at more interaction with the community.

There was discussion about engaging more local organizations, with offer  of films and discussions of our issues. Laura will work on a list of  possible groups to engage.20

Stan Dienst mentioned that we should watch President Obama's Sept 23  speech on nuclear policy to the UN.

Guest Jack Miller, an expert on ecofabrics, presented a short talk about  the energy footprint of this new industry, which is making inroads in  the efficient production of polyester fabrics. Jack can be reached at or 864-884-3566.

Treasurer's Report: John Joyner reported a balance of $1054.32. The $16.55 owed Leah was  donated by Leah to our account.20

Our No More Victims friend Salee is now in California for a new  prosthesis and doing well.

Lew and Stan testified recently at the hearing for the Cliffside Coal  Plant. (Against, we are told).

Stan passed out ICAN handouts, which can be ordered in bulk for local  distribution at  (I Can Imagine A World Without Nuclear  Weapons)

Leah reminded us that Oct 3-10 is Space For Peace Week. She handed out  posters for display in Asheville, Hendersonville and Brevard. Leah also  discussed the possibility of getting Karl Grossman to come to Asheville.  The World Affairs Conference cannot fund this but Karl will come for  travel expenses and can be housed locally. Mary and Brita will help  plan. MAHEC might be a possible venue. Leah will contact Karl Grossman  re potential date, after motion made and passed. Details will be  discussed at the next meeting.20

Mary discussed Nuclear and Security Issues. Sec. Steven Chu has a  pending summit on nuclear waste, for June 2010, in Chicago. Mary will  attend, and others may car pool with her. Mary also announced a walk  from Oak Ridge to the UN in NYC, and is going into intense training  ASAP. The date is February to May 2010. We assume recovery from the walk  will not exceed one month. For walk info see  .

October 24 is International Day of Climate Action. (The target magic  number of 350 ppm CO2 is being bandied about but in the opinion of many  experts is unrealistic---actually impossible given the present inertia  in the world energy systems). We may already have passed critical  tipping points. Warren Wilson students are expected to be active on this  issue. Mary will check on this.

Jim Roush says an UNCA student is going to the Copenhagen meeting in  December, and she would make an excellent speaker for a future meeting.  WNCPSR will cosponsor with the UN association. .

Meeting adjourned at 2:20 PM.

Don Richardson, indentured secretary20

Next meetings: October 16 and November 20, at Mary Olson's new NIRS  office, noon for bag lunch.