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August 22, 2014

Physicians for Social Responsibility
Western North Carolina Chapter
Minutes of August 22, 2014

Present: Phil Besesi, Don McKetling, Larry Messig, Bob Howarth, Lew Patrie, Stan Dienst, Irma Howarth, Brita Clark, Larry Clark, Barbara Scott, Pat Dienst, Steve Gilman and Beth Gilman

Treasurers Report: $1,362.84 (with convention expenses deducted)

Barbara Scott: (speaking as an associate member of Veterans for Peace VFP) circulated a list of suggested reforms for VFP. Corroborating Signitures of PSR members optional.

Don Richardson’s absence noted

OREPA : Subcommittee report by Bob Howarth: A review of Ralph Hutchinson’s very informative visit and presentations. (His VFP powerpoint is available, and with some research, could be used for  a graphic slide depictions in any PSR member presentation). OREPA  newsletters distributed.

EPA: The potential raising of, ``safe levels of ambient radiation.”  This is open for comment until sometime in the Fall. Check with Mary Olson or  

NRC: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has submitted its first draft of “ The Environmental Impact Statement” regarding the management of Nuclear Waste at Nuclear power plant sites. Check

The TransPacific (and Atlantic) Partnership: As explained by Dr Patrie, This is an established (ten years) Consortium of major transnational Corporations planning to make universal binding trade and other agreements that would supersede all national negotiations and treaties. The US Congress will review and evaluate its status in the coming months.

WNCPSR Accomplishments:

  • Steve submitted an account of our chapters’ contributions to the Veterans for Peace (VFP) Convention to National PSR.  The account was published as the lead story in PSR Nationals’ Web Magazine. VFP plans to use the Pentagons "Pivot strategy” for containing China as the principle theme for their 2015 convention.
  • Larry Published his Article, "Nuclear Threat still with US,” in the Asheville Citizen Times and on the web site.
  • Brita had TV WCQS sponsor a full day of programming for Hiroshima Day.
  • Phil and Terry outlined the plan to request of Judy Mayfied (Green Drinks Outreach Committee)for our chapter to become a member of their Steering committee. This will require our chapter to give or arrange for two presentations at Green Drinks each quarter. (The available dates, times, audiovisual equipment and presentation sites were notelaborated).

Steve’s proposal for a routine in place to manage any change in PSR’s Monthly meeting date was thoroughly discussed. It was agreed that the third Friday of each month should be retained regardless of absences. This policy should be again clearly stated on the PSR Web Site.  A final motion to designate a member as “vice chair” was finally passed. There will be further discussion at a subsequent meeting.

The recording secretary (and voice recorder) were not available for Barbara Scott’s important suggestion for PSR  to arrange  discussions with Veterans for Peace members about the US involvement in new wars. A Summary will appear in subsequent minutes.

Respectfully submitted, Stan Dienst

The next PSR chapter meeting will be on Friday September 19th.