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July 18, 2014

Western North Carolina Physicians for Social Responsibility
Minutes for Chapter Meeting July 18, 2014

Present:  Terry, Irma and Bob Howarth, Beth and Steve Gilman, Don Richardson, Lew Patrie and Stan Dienst

Treasurer’s Report  $ 1601.15
(VFP expenses outstanding)

9/ll VPF  Presentation (Don)                        
Withdrawn – Insufficient allotted time

OREPA Subcommittee (Bob)                       
Uranium Processing Facility (UPF) Update by Ralph Hutchinson

Citizen Times Interview – Luncheon hosted by Joe and Dot Sulock

Public Evening Presentation -The Congregational Church (well attended)

The National Nuclear Security Administration’s Budget and plan for UPF being challenged and revised. Ralph Hutchinson will advise.

Environmental Protection Agency  - Call for comments on current hearings lowering standards for radiation
from nuclear plants and CO2 emissions from coal plants. Info on EPA or NIRS Web Site (Letters, Petitions, etc.) Deadline/August 7th!

Mary Olson     Fukushima - Find and distribute new report of thyroid cancer in children. Search at

VETERANS FOR PEACE CONVENTION - One and a half hours allotted for the final rehearsal - PSR presentations:
Terry will introduce the Speakers in turn:

1.)Steve Gilman,  “Nuclear Weapons ”(History and Current Destructive Potential)

2.) Bob Howarth,  “ The Uranium Processing Facility”  (more power and life extension for nuclear weapons).

3.) Stan Dienst,  “Our Choice”  ( The PIVOT), i.e., “containing” China  OR diplomacy and cooperation.

Respectfully Submitted,

Stan Dienst      
(Next PSR Meeting – tentatively, 12:30 August 22nd)
Terry Clark will be out-of-town on Aug. 15th.