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July 19, 2019

Minutes WNCPSR Meeting July 19. 2019
Attendees: Lew, Bob, Irma, Leslie, Terry, Brita, Mary, Bert, Steve
Unable to attend: Dot Sulock, Scott Baker,
Steve Meyerson, MD welcomed to meeting

I.) Approval as written of minutes of June meeting.

II.) Treasurer’s report, balance: $3,962.00, Lew

-Update on events of International Peace Day, Sept. 21, 2019, Rachel Bliss, organizer, unable to attend today. Plans include: two speakers on Sept 21st, details pending. Proclamation will be read at City Hall, details pending. Plan: Rachel will provide further information and will attend next WNCPSR meeting on 8/16/19. Phil Bisesi will speak with Rachel.

-Report on the PSR Committee on Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, (CAN), Bert. CAN has a focus on facilitating municipalities, states, and organizations to issue a resolution in Support of “Back from the Brink, A Resolution to Prevent Nuclear War”, The committee is working to establish this resolution as the nuclear weapons policy of The Green New Deal (GND). We question if The GND has a policy statement on nuclear power and waste. Action: Mary will speak with a contact on nuclear power issues and find out if it is addressed in the GND.

- Group votes unanimously to formally endorse “The Back from the Brink, A Resolution to Prevent Nuclear War” Action: We will prepare a document and group members can sign at next meeting.

-Report on One PSR chapter leaders phone conference call, Terry. Focus is on how National PSR can facilitate chapters capacity.
Ideas generated at chapter meeting on 7 19 19:
-Phone conference pending with Jeff Carter, PSR Executive Director for 7/23/19
Topic: How to increase capacity of the chapter. Each member gave input concerning how PSR National can facilitate our capacity; Terry will share, with Jeff Carter, points raised:
1. The national office could be helpful in making available power-point presentations on topics such as climate change, nuclear weapons and on other topics.
2. Visit and presentations by expert speakers to our chapter area.
3. Facilitate learning if other chapters are successful in promoting interest and activism with younger adults and youth?
4. Consider reaching students in their middle school and high school years. Look into what medical and non-medical professional students are learning about these issues. Concern expressed about resource material and role of industry funding in formulating the syllabus of STEM program. Concern also expressed about what students learning about the risk of nuclear weapons as well as the harmful aspects of commercial nuclear power and nuclear waste, climate and environmental toxins.
5. Assistance in improving and managing our website. IT consultant from national.
Have an IT person visit to learn how we can increase our effectiveness.
7. Have chapters share ideas regarding effective action in reaching out to medical professionals.
8. Expansion of PSR chapter representation in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Charlotte. We recommend this be considered and facilitated by national PSR.
9. We request that national office reassess how a chapter qualifies for revenue sharing. We understand that a chapter qualifies once they have applied for a grant. It seems a chapter should qualify when they meet essential organizational criteria and have completed an annual report.
10. We request assistance from national staff to improve identification of who are PSR members in our area.
11. Clarify how one is identified as a member.


- Asheville City Council, on August 27th, 2019 will issue a Proclamation recognizing the work of WNCPSR to increase awareness and encourage addressing the risk from nuclear weapons. Set for Asheville City Council meeting on Tuesday August 27, 2019, 5:00 PM. The proclamation will be read aloud and one of our members will have a few minutes to speak. We will do a press release.

- Proclamation of Back from the Brink Initiative by Black Mountain Town Council, Phil Bisesi developing.

-Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemoration; Vigil on August 6th at Vance Monument,4:30 PM in downtown Asheville jointly with Veterans for Peace. All are welcome. Bring posters.

Recommended articles: A “Never Event” That Could Kill Millions.
Matt Bivens, MD, New Eng Jl of Medicine 7/18/2019

Banning the Bomb Before Our Luck Runs Out
Ira Helfand, The Progressive, June/July 2019

- Visionary Awards banquet in Washington DC on November 7th. Helen Caldicott and others to be honored. Members encouraged to consider attending. Chapter will help with expenses.

Next meeting:

August 16th at First Congregational Church of Christ, 20 Oak St. in downtown Asheville.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Clark