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October 18, 2019

Minutes WNCPSR October 18,2019

Attendees, Lew, Scott, Bob, Phillip, Sallee, Bert, Leslie, Johnny, Terry

Unable to attend: Dot, Brita, Mary

I. Minutes Sept 20, 2019. approved

II. Treasurers report, Balance, $3,437.68, Lew

III. Business

- Letter to legislators reviewed, signed and sent to Mr Meadows, Mr McGrady, Senator Burr and Senator Tillis. Letter included at end of minutes.

Cherry Tree Project: much progress, planting site, tree type and size established, Asheville GreenWorks will assist with the project. A group of members , Leslie, Scott, Johnny and Bob will meet and address details of the project. The members present voted unanimously to support  the project financially and general support. Plan: Committee will meet to plan further details and a time-line.

- Video of nuclear weapon detonation: highly recommended, plan: members will view video and in November meeting we will establish a plan of showing and distributing the video. Link to video

- Draft of handout regarding the United Nations Treaty on the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons developed by Bob Howarth. Plan is to develop a half page (front and back ) handout that can be distributed in various settings

Plan: send Input, comments to Bob and he will continue to develop the handout. Bob will  e-mail to all, copy of the draft to facilitate comments. 

-Buncombe County Strategic Planning  requests public input - 100% recyclable goal by 2034

  Public input to the county plan can be given: next date for input: 

Friday, October 25th   8 AM -10:00 AM
 200 College Street, Asheville NC 

- Committee on Abolition of Nuclear weapons (CAN), Bert provided a report . He noted that a new article addresses the catastrophic consequences of a theoretical detonation of approximately 100 nuclear weapons in a conflict area such as India and Pakistan. He also noted the encouragement to work in coalition with other  groups such as Move On and Veterans for Peace and others. 

- Friday vigils at Vance  Monument, noted, we need more input re time and other details.

III. Next meeting November 15, 2019   Respectfully submitted TPC


Physicians for Social Responsibility

Post Office Box 6689, Asheville NC 28816


We are deeply concerned about the judgment of President Donald Trump. He demonstrated poor judgment and impulsive and poorly planned decision making in his abrupt order to remove American Troops from northern Syria. We abandoned an ally, defying a basic military principle of standing with a trusted ally. The Kurds were extremely helpful in the fight against ISIS. Their military helped defeat ISIS and lessened American causalities. 

 As you know, the president  has the sole authority to order the use of nuclear weapons. This arrangement of one person making the decision to use nuclear weapons is a serious risk to everyone. It is serious regardless of who is president and an urgent concern currently based on Mr Trump’s  judgment and impulsivity. 

The United States should modify its decision making procedures to require that one or more officials concur with a presidential order to use nuclear weapons before the military carries it out. 

We ask you to lend your support and co-sponsor the bill, Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act (HR669/s200) which would prohibit the President from launching nuclear weapons without a Congressional declaration of was, except in a situation if the United States is under nuclear attack.

We ask that you review the attached/enclosed document: Back from the Brink which includes five steps that the United States can take to lessen the risk of the use of nuclear weapons.

Thank you for your consideration,

Members of WNCPSR