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March 15, 2019

Minutes, WNCPSR, March 15, 2019 

Attendees: Terry, Bert, Lew, Scott, Sallee, Leslie

Unable to attend: Brita, Mary, Dot, Bob

I.) Minutes of February 15, 2019 approved as written.

II.) Treasurer’s report, Lew

      Balance: $4,272.29

III.)- Four chapter members met with Asheville Mayor Manheimer to pursue City Council’s endorsement of a resolution on the “Back from the Brink” Initiative. The mayor was receptive to the proposal and she outlined the procedure we should follow to seek council members support. We will draft a proposal, have an individual meeting with each council member and eventually present at a council meeting. 

Mayor Manheimer stated that she was willing to add her name to an endorsement by a group of mayor’s of a proposal modeled upon the “Back from the Brink” Initiative.

  Plan: Draft a resolution; follow-up with City Council Members.

 - Letter, Bert presented a letter addressing nuclear weapons issues and all present signed for mailing today.

- Committee on Nuclear Weapons Abolition Committee, brief report, Bert

- Proposal by Bob and Terry for monthly mailing, tabled until April meeting 

- Announcement of “Steps to a Nuclear Weapons-Free World” Conference New Jersey Institute of Technology, April 14, 2019

 Next meeting will be on the fourth Friday of April, the 26th due to religious holidays

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Clark