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February 20, 2015

Minutes, WNC/PSR Meeting, February 20, 2015

Present: Lew Patrie, Phil Bisesi, Robert Howarth, Irma Howarth, Steve Gilman, Beth Gilman, Mary Olson, Terry Clark, Brita Clark, Jan Lazear, Allison Hargus, Phil Pritchard,
Wecome to new attendees: Jan Lazear, Allison Hargus, Phil Pritchard.

Stan Dienst was unable to attend due to icy conditions.
1.Review and approval minutes Jan. 16, 2015

2.Treasurer’s report, Lew Patrie, balance $1,858.85

3.    Business
April presentation by Mary Olson, see attached  report,
Action: Secure venue, prepare a letter to members, follow plan outlined in attached report.

Green Drinks liaison update, Phil Bisesi, Terry, our group is to arrange a presentation on Ethics for May 27th. Action: Outreach committee (Phil Bisesi, Terry, Brita, Mary) to confer and establish plan for the presentation.

OREPA Support Committee report, Robert Howarth reports that a guest column published in Asheville Citizen Times on 2 16 15, “Doomsday Clock Makes an Ominous Move”. Letter sent to our federal legislators regarding military budget. Action: post letter on our website, arrange meetings with legislators or their aides.

Climate Change update, CHAT teams, Stan Dienst, Beth Gilman, Brita Clark, Stan has copied the first two webinars, Beth and Brita have watched the second webinar. They will attend to an action as recommended in webinar.

Opportunity to work in coalition with The Canary Coalition and other groups in support of “The Efficient and Affordable Energy Rates” bill.
Action: Group unanimously voted to work in coalition with Canary Coalition and other groups on advocating support of the Affordable Energy Rates Bill in NC legislature, Lew will communicate this to Avram Friedman.

Security Committee Report: Steve reported on communications re nuclear weapons on national level including with the faith community, noting that Pope Francis has been informed of the dire potential consequences of nuclear war. The pope will likely address his concern re nuclear war in his planned address to congress.

Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear War Campaign, update, Steve is planning to travel to The NC Triangle area to accompany Ira Helfand’s in several presentations. Steve plans to give a presentation on the topic at our April event.

Opportunity to work in coalition with VFP and other organizations with stating focus of International Day of Peace. We will address on later date due to meeting time ran out.  Action: Review and then contact Ed Sacco.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Clark