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March 20, 2015

Minutes, March 20, 2015 WNC/PSR
Present: Larry Missig, Lew Patrie, Robert Howarth, Irma Howarth, Stanley Dienst, Mary Olson, Steve Gilman, Beth Gilman, Phillip Pritchard, Phil Bisesi, Terry Clark

1.    Minutes of Feb. 20th meeting approved

2.    Treasurers report: Lew Patrie, balance 3/17/15    $1,858.85                                                              

3.    Green Drinks:  Ethics presentation arranged. Mary Caldwell, Chaplain, Mission Hospital, will present on Medical Ethics on 5/27/15.  Action: Terry Clark will communicate this to Rachel Stevens to get it posted on Green Drinks and we will post on our website once we the title.  

4.     Drought in the Colorado River Basin and Consequences, Stan Dienst presented an informative power-point presentation concerning the severe drought and implications and relationship to climate change. Action: Discussion re other venues to show the presentation such as Green Drinks and others. We will follow-up on deciding on presentations in other venues. Congratulations to Stan and Brad Dienst on putting together the outstanding presentation. 

5.    CHAT team, climate change report: Brita Clark sent a report re the this week’s CHAT webinar. She noted in was very informative. Action: Brita, Beth Gilman and Stan Dienst will communicate and decide on an action (a letter?)

6.    April 28th conference,  
- Roles and responsibilities at evening of event need to be clarified. Action: we will clarify.