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January 19, 2015

Minutes, WNCPSR Meeting January 19, 2015

Members present: Lew Patrie, Steve Gilman, Beth Gilman, Robert Howarth, Irma Howarth, Stan Dienst, Phil Bisesi, Mary Olson, Brita Clark, Terry Clark

I.    Approval of minutes of December 19, 2014 with one revision noting that the executive committee plans to meet.                                                                       

II.    Treasurers Report, Lew Patrie
Balance: $2130.27

III.    Business:
-     Climate Change, Stan Dienst led a discussion about climate change. He noted Climate Health Action Teams (CHAT) facilitated by PSR National Office.  Stan also informed us of an educational module produced by “Next Gen-U”. He noted that Erica Frank, MD is active with this program. Other resources: Writings by Naomi Kline and Bill McKibben.

Action: Stan will continue to work on Climate Change. Beth Gilman and Brita Clark expressed interest in participating in the structured program “CHAT” and they will look into CHAT and perhaps get a few other interested people to work along with them.

-    OREPA committee report, Bob Howarth submitted a written report. He noted a bill will be submitted in congress, “Sane Rein Bill” (to rein in the military budget)…more to follow on this item.

He reported that the Green Drinks presentation about the UPF was well received. The fourth guest editorial on nuclear/UPF was published in December in The Asheville Citizen Times. The article gained some national distribution, per report from Ralph Hutchison. Action: The OREPA Support Committee will meet next week to establish further action.

- Plan: Presentation by Mary Olson, Mary offers to do a WNCPSR sponsored presentation in April. The program will include an overview of salient features from the Vienna Conference on the “Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear War”. Mary presented in Vienna on: “The Medical Effects of Nuclear Weapons with a Special Emphasis on the Effects on Women and Children”. Mary recommended that one or two of our longstanding members do brief presentations at the April event, suggesting a focus of sharing with the audience why we work on PSR issues. She emphasized the importance of establishing meetings or events to follow April’s meeting so as to have a concrete event that we can invite interested attendees to help with the planning.                                              

-    Green Drinks, follow-up and pending program, Phil, Terry, others,  On January 14, 2015, Mary Olson presented on the geographic distribution and some implications of commercial nuclear power plants as well as nuclear weapons sites throughout  the southeast. Bob Howarth presented on the UPF. Both talks were informative and well received. Action: The next PSR organized Green Drinks presentation will be a program on Ethics, May 23rd.  Terry will meet with Joe Malki

-    Report from National Security Committee, Steve noted that Ira Helfand will do several Rotary Club presentations in the Triangle area in March. Steve plans to attend at least some of the presentations. The Security Committee continues emphasis on chapter members doing presentation on the Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear War. Action: Steve will attend Ira Helfand’s presentations in the Triangle area.

-    Report from One PSR, Terry, A major emphasis in the recent meeting was on CHAT teams. Action: Beth Gilman and Brita Clark will look into participating in The Climate Action Teams program.

-    Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear War Campaign, Rotary club presentations, Steve, Terry    Action: Steve will attend Ira Helfand presentations   

-    Reimbursement proposal for travel expenses, Steve made a proposal that travel expenses for attendance at chapter related activities be reimbursed at two-thirds %. The group unanimously agreed to implement this change.

-    Preparation of year-end report: Action: we need to submit by March 1st. Terry will start work on it and will ask others for input.

-    Martin Luther King Day, Action: various community events noted. Members encouraged to attend.

-Addendum: addition 1 16 15, the executive committee plans to meet.

-Next meeting: Feb 20, 2015

-Respectfully submitted, Terry Clark