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June 24, 2016

Minutes WNCPSR 6/24/16
Present: Bob Howarth, Bert Crain, Stan Dienst, Phil Bisesi, Brita Clark, Terry Clark, Steve Gilman,
Mary Olson
Unable to Attend: Lew Patrie, Dot Sulock

1.)  Review and approval Minutes, 5/20/16 done with one correction

 2.) Financial Report: written report submitted by Lew Patrie, balance $1903.07

3.) Business

  • Lew Patrie submitted a proposed letter to President Obama, Action: We will address next meeting incorporate suggested revisions from the attendees and review for further action on 7/15/16.
  • Nuclear Weapons committee report, plans for guest editorials, (attached below) Bob Howarth
  • Executive committee report: notes that PSR National, requests PSR NC activity report for 2015  to support a grant application to Earthshare, Combined Federal Fund, Plan: Terry will send info to national office
  • Brochure, we plan to revise
  • Consideration of hosting a speaker in fall. Considerations: Dr. Alan Lockwood on Climate Change, Steve Leiper on Creating a Peace Culture, Action: further assessment
  • Hot topic: NATO buildup in Poland, Balkans, NATO meeting in NYC and demonstration, Action: We will keep updated.

Meeting adjourned: 2:00 PM

Next meeting: 7 15 16

Respectfully submitted, Terry Clark


Nuclear Weapons Committee Report by Bob Howarth, 5/17/16

Our WNCPSR project to maintain and increase public awareness of the need and commitment of "Building Down" our country's nuclear weapons program continues under the guidance of our Nuclear Weapons Committee (NWC).  We are structuring the schedule for the remainder of 2016 ​for guest columns to the Asheville Citizen Times.

Most of you have written one or more ​ in the past and are invited to contribute again.​ ​If you can't write as proposed please inform our coordinator as soon as possible (Bob Howarth, ). We shall send additional details regarding communication with the Editorial Page Editor.
​       ​
We encourage you ​also to ​write Letters to the Editor on nuclear or any subject you choose​ & as often as you chose​, but ​we ​are not scheduling these.

Such letters are important in part due to the new 6 week spacing guest columns.

To assist you in your article preparation we recommend the following sources:

  1.  (national)
  2.  (local, copies of our published Guest Articles)

  3.  (Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance)
  4.  (Alliance for Nuclear Accountability)

  5.  (Report by ANA released April, 2016; excellent overview)
  6.  (Nuclear Information and Resource Service

  7.  (Union of Concerned Scientists)