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March 18, 2016

Minutes WNCPSR March 18, 2016

Attendees, Lew Patrie, Brita and Terry Clark, Bob Howarth, Steve Gilman, Phil Bisesi, Julian Bisesi and guests, unable to attend: Stan Dienst

 I.    Minutes 2 19 16 reviewed and approved
 II.     Treasurers report
 III.    Business
 IV.    Committee Reports
Nuclear Weapons committee, Bob

Membership Committee, agenda areas clarified, discussed year’s end get-together with members and community,   Steve

Executive Committee, Terry notes that letter to NC Utilities Commission sent regarding opposition to Duke-Progress Energy request for a third Natural gas generator at the Arden Plant

Report from National Board, Steve

Announcements: Mary Olson offers to give a report on her speaking tour of Japan

 “War is a Lie” new book, recommended, signing 3 25 16

Noted: Report on Fukishima located on PSR National website

Legislators: Follow-up with Congressman Meadows needed, plan: arrange

Next chapter meeting: April 15, 2016