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September 17, 2016

Minutes WNCPSR 9 17 16
Attendees: Phil Bisesi, Sally Domaso, Bert Crain, Dot Sulock,  Larry Missig, Brita Clark, Terry Clark, Stan Dienst, Brad Dienst, Steve Gilman attended the luncheon, Unable to attend: Mary Olson, Bob and Irma Howarth

The meeting was held at the home of Phil Bisesi, following a delicious luncheon hosted by Phil Bisesi and Sally Domaso

 I.)     Review and approval of minutes of 8 19 16 with one correction re Steve Gilman report from National

 II.)    Treasurers report: Lew Patrie, balance $1,975.67

 III.)    Business:

Financial Policy and Procedures: Executive committee will meet and address

Fundraising report $615.00 received from September, 2016 appeal

International Day of Peace, September 14-24. Activities at UNCA

Announcement: Keep Space for Peace Week. October 1-8, Veterans for Peace is organizing a vigil in recognition of Keep Space for Peace. All are encouraged to attend the vigil at Vance Memorial on 10/04/16.

NUCLEAR WEAPONS COMMITTEE REPORT Sept. 15, 2016, submitted by Bob Howarth:

  1. Guest Articles & Letters to Editor Status The AVL C-T Guest Articles are scheduled for weekends of Oct. 2/by Lew Patrie, Nov.13/by Bob Howarth, Dec. 8/by Bert Crain.  An updated information message for writers is scheduled for Sept. 28 distribution.
  2. A Public Relations table with brochures and relevant information on our mission was displayed at the 46th Annual Gathering of the Catholic Committee of Appalachia on Sept. 10 & 11, 2016 in Ravenna, KY attended by 100 members from over half of the 13 Appalachian states. This group gave their Bishop Sullivan Justice & Peace Award to Ralph Hutchison last year for his OREPA work.
  3. Alan Lockwood visit update report submitted by Bob Howarth: Several members are participating in preparatory efforts & publicity outreach for our Sept. 26 Alan Lockwood at the Collider.  Bob Howarth’s report notes that the following groups have agreed to publicize the Lockwood  program to their members: Care of Creation and Peace & Justice Ministries of St. Eugene Parish, Catholic Committee of Appalachia for WNC, Creation Care Alliance/Mountain True for WNC (27 churches) and This Week in AVL (Susan Oehler).

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM

Next meeting: October 21, 2016

Respectfully submitted, Terry Clark