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April 21, 2017

Minutes WNCPSR April 21, 2017

Attendees: Terry Clark, Brita Clark, Lew Patrie, Bob Howarth, Irma Howarth, Bert Crain, Mary Olson, Dot Sulock
I.    Review and approval of minutes of meeting on 3/17/17 done with correction of who attended
 II.    Treasurer’s report, balance $3,575, Lew Patrie
 III.    Old business
 IV.    New business
- Web site difficulty
- March for Science, Asheville 3 22 17, clear scientific input needed, see article by Peter Gorman in Huffington Post

-Report by Mary Olson on UN Side Session preparation

-Report, brief, by Terry and Brita on Chapter Leadership meeting 3/31- 4/2/17

-Nuclear Weapons Committee Report, Review of pending guest columns Bob Howarth

-Executive Committee report

-Yucca Mountain storage of nuclear waste, legislation to reactivate

-Letter sign-on Yucca Mountain, Mary Olson

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Clark