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March 17, 2017

Minutes, WNCPSR March 17, 2017

Attendees: Lewis Patrie, Mary Olson, Robert Howarth, Bert Crain, Kim Porter (NC Warn), Phil Neiheisel, Phil Bisesi, Sally Damaso, Scott Baker, Flossie Baker, Unable to attend: Steve Gilman

The group welcomed Scott and Flossie Baker, who are relatively new to Western NC and Kim Porter, a representative of NC WARN.

 I.    Minutes of February 24, 2017 approved as written
 II.    Treasurer’s report, Lew Patrie, balance: $3,052.10
 III.    New Business:
-Kim Porter, representing NC WARN, presented concerns about the adverse effects of methane release to the atmosphere as a major culprit in global warning. The group expressed unanimous support for the work of WARN on Methane and noted the recommendation to communicate with the Governor regarding this issue.

-Update, provided by Mary Olson on the work at UN on establishing a nuclear weapons ban. Mary is organizing a side session at the UN to run concominantly with the UN work on the ban. The side session will address the adverse consequences of exposure to ionizing radiation with emphasis on the disproportionate effect upon girls and women. The side session is sponsored by NIRS and WNCPSR is a co-sponsor. Group members endorsed a resolution expressing whole-hearted support for Mary Olson’s work on the effects of ionizing radiation.

-Nuclear waste issues update, Yucca Mountain might be reconsidered as a storage site by the Trump administration, Mary Olson

-Phil Bisesi and Sally Damaso proposed that we organize a meeting that invites input from various professional discipline representatives on the ethical perspectives concerning our principal mission concerning nuclear weapons, health, environment and climate change. Plan: Sally, Brita and Phil will communicate and provide recommendations.

-Nuclear Weapons Committee report, Schedule of authors revived to write guest editorials, Bob Howarth

-Ralph Hutchison visit.  Terry will follow-up

-Chapter Leadership meeting, Los Angeles, Terry and Brita will attend. 3/31/4/2/17

-Presentation at Brookes Howell Home on Nuclear Weapons and Security, 3/17/17, Terry

-On radio, Terry and Brita will be the guest speakers  re nuclear weapons issues on “A Better World”, WPVM FM 103.7, host, McNair Ezzard,  5:00 PM, 3/30/17

Chapter Grant application for 2017, completed and submitted. Issue noted that we could benefit from more specifically articulating our goals for the remainder of 2017.

Next meeting April 21, 2017

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Clark