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August 18, 2017

Minutes WNCPSR August 18, 2017  

Attendees: Dot Sulock, Phil Bisesi, Terry Clark, Brita Clark, Lew Patrie, Philip Neiheisel, Bert Crain, Bob Howarth ,Irma Howarth,  Matthew Schnell, Outreach director, Merimon Avenue Family Chiropractic Center, Dave Wheeler, representing a group concerned about genetic modification of food. 

  1.  I. Approval of minutes, meeting, July 21, 2017 with one correction.
  1.  II. Short introductory bio given by each attendee- Dave Wheeler noted his affiliation with Kenilworth Presbyterian Church & that he would send additional information about OCT. 5th meeting re genetically modified foods. 
  1.  III. Treasurer’s Report, Lew Patrie 

 Report by Lew Patrie: balance, $4,282.74 (with $62 rent due to the church outstanding). An additional $2,500 is being held for the UN Support Task. 

IV. Business:    

-Bert Crain noted that he had sent a letter from the Union of Concerned Scientists to Secretary of State Tillerson                                                                                                   - Dot Sulock has agreed to serve on the Chapter Executive Committee& will meet soon with  Terry Clark & Lew Patrie at Givens.

- Brita Clark circulated a “Get Well” card to Stan Dienst for signatures & will send it.                                               

- A letter soliciting their support of SB3400 & HR669 which would require participation of congress in a presidential decision to use nuclear weapons in non-emergency situations to be sent to legislators Burr, Tillis, Meadows & McHenry was discussed, amended & signed by all.

-Programs of Aug. 25 & Oct. 4, 2017 featuring Mary Olson’s work on Gender and Radiation Impact noted. Brita commented that this has attracted international attention and is becoming Mary’s life work. The group discussed radiation exposure in medical and other settings. We discussed the concept of medical patients having a record kept of their yearly exposure to radiation from medical exams similar to the way that the state keeps a record of vaccinations.  

-“ Sowing Seeds of Peace”, presentation by Mary Olson- Upcoming, Friday  Aug. 25, 2017 at The First United Congressional Church of Christ, 10:00 til 11:30 AM, discussion of the UN treaty to ban Nuclear Weapons.

- Chapter support of the upcoming International Day of Peace was unanimously approved.               

- Raising Awareness Project, by Nuclear Weapons Committee: - Bob Howarth reported this was presently stalled. Bert Crain related that his July article had been misplaced at AVL C-T, then found & was told it would be published the next Sunday. All present contributing authors to the project expressed willingness to continue their contributions – restart is pending.


Respectfully submitted,

Terry Clark, MD