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February 24, 2017

Minutes WNCPSR February 24, 2017
Attendees: Bert Crain, Lew Patrie, Steve Gilman, Brita Clark, Dot Sulock, Mary Olson, Bob Howarth, Phil Bisesi, Terry Clark
Unable to attend: Phil Neiheisel

I.    Review and approval of minutes of January 20, 2017 with one correction, noting Dot Sulock attended the meeting on the 20th.
 II.     Treasurers report, Lew Patrie, Balance 2 /17/ 17: $3,052.10
 III.    Business

Old: Meeting with legislators, Brita spoke with several legislators’ offices to arrange meetings. We met with staff (Martha Peterson and Jordan Whinant) from the office of Rep. Mark Meadows. (Brita, Terry, Bob, Lew) We addressed the positive features of “The Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act” S 3400, and addressed the positive features of the Affordable Care Act

Noted: Guest column by Lew Patrie, Asheville Cit. Times 2/19/17

Noted: Guest column By Stephen Wall, Smokey Mtn. News

Report from PSR National, Steve Gilman- Steve continues serving on The PSR Board of Directors. He notes the two major initiatives of PSR are working to establish a ban on nuclear weapons concurrent with the UN effort with the same goal. Also, PSR is working in support of Senate bill 3400, “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act” Steve serves on the Security Committee and in a leadership role on the Fundraising and Development Committee. The group expressed appreciation of his work with the national board.

New: Meeting with legislators, we will contact offices to arrange appointments. Brita and Terry

Nuclear Weapons committee Report, Bob Howarth reported communication with Ralph Hutchison; the group concurred to explore having Ralph visit Asheville, perhaps for a luncheon meeting. Bob will communicate with Ralph Hutchison and explore setting up a lunch meeting.

Bob reviewed plans for submitting guest editorial columns. Plan: Schedule set for various members to submit guest editorials.

Guest column submission pending for March, Dot Sulock

Executive Committee Report, met on 2/4/17, Terry, Steve and Lew. They reviewed Mary Olson’s request for WNC/PSR to serve as a fiscal agent for a time-limited period in 2017 to facilitate Mary’s arranging a side-session at the United Nations.

Mary Olson reported on her progress arranging a side session at the UN in 2017. The side session will focus on gender influences of harm resultant from exposure to ionizing radiation. Women and girls are disproportionately affected compared to boys and men.  The side session will be concurrent with the campaign to establish a ban on nuclear weapons, on the basis of Humanitarian Law, noting that nuclear weapons are the only weapons of mass destruction that are not banned. There are bans both on land mines as well as chemical warfare.

WNCPSR now has a link to a fundraising site for the side session. weapons.

Chapter leaders meeting, Los Angeles 3/31- 4/2/17, Terry and Brita plan to attend

Adhering to non-partisan guidelines reviewed.

PSR sponsored evening Program in WNC, brief discussion, no conclusion

Resolution regarding Citizens United ruling circulated by Dr. Patrie, not discussed. Plan. We will put this on the agenda for next meeting.

Meeting adjourned 2:00 PM

Next meeting March 17, 2017

Respectfully submitted, Terry Clark