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September 15, 2017

Minutes WNCPSR September 15, 2017

Attendees: Robert Howarth, Irma Howarth, Bert Crain, Mary Olson, Terry Clark, Brita Clark, Dave Wheeler, Kim Porter, Unable to attend Lew Patrie, Dot Sulock

  1.  I. Minutes of meeting, August 18, 2017 approved as written
  2.  II. Treasurers Report, Balance August 16, 2017, $6,782
  3.  III. Raising Nuclear Awareness Project, report provided and distributed by Bob Howarth.

The group unanimously approved the proposed schedule for submitting guest column’s to The Asheville Citizen Times, specifically: October 8, Lew Patrie; Nov 12 Dot Sulock; Dec 10th Bob Howarth; Jan. 14th, Terry Clark; Feb 11th Bert Crain; March11th, Brita Clark; April 8th, Mary Olson 

  • Report on UN work for a Nuclear Weapons Ban,  update provided by Mary Olson 
  • PSR, Washington State’s open letter to President Trump reviewed and noted as a model we might consider utilizing.
  • Noted upcoming  “Keep Space for Peace Week”, October 7- 14th ,   no local action planned
  • Lew Patrie Lew attended McHenry town hall meeting and addressed emphasis on diplomacy in dealing with N. Korea and McHenry commented that he favored diplomacy regarding the matters with North Korea.
  • WNCPSR signed onto the International Day of Peace proclamation by the City of Asheville
  • Dave Wheeler reported on work regarding  GMO’s adverse effects such as interference with other seeds, cost of patents on GMO seeds, and increased cost for farmers to purchase new supply of seeds each year, emergence of super-weeds, and increased use of pesticides. He announced a conference on GMO’s set for October 5th at Kenilworth and at UNCA  on October 8th 
  • Peace Week celebration, 9/16/17- 9/22/17, St George’s Episcopal Church, West Asheville, One School Rd. includes WNC4Peace presentation of Peacemaker of the Year Award to Anne Craig on 9/16/17, 9:45 to 10:45 gathering.
  • Kim Porter reported on the work of NC Warn and group unanimously agreed to sign on to the NC Warn developed “Resolution to Slow the Climate Crisis by Reducing Methane Emissions from Fracked Gas and Power Industries” The group unanimously endorsed and signed on to the resolution.

Respectfully submitted 
Terry Clark