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January 20, 2017

Minutes, WNCPSR January 20, 2017
Attendees: Dot Sulock, Lew Patrie, Bob Howarth, Irma Howarth, Steve Gilman,Bert Crain, Terry Clark, Mary Olson, Phil Bisesi, Sally Domaso, Bettie Council, (guest)
Meeting started 12:30 PM

 I.)    Minutes of November meeting reviewed and approved, one correction
 II.)    Treasurer’s report: Lew Patrie, balance: $2,937.35
 III.)    Business:

  • Announcement: Women’s March,  Asheville 1 -21- 17  Action/plan: Some chapter members will attend, carry WNCPSR banner and  distribute a flier about Senate bill 3400  that if passed  would require  congress be involved in a decision to use nuclear weapons except in the situation that US in under nuclear weapons  attack. Encourage people to contact their legislators to support S 3400
  • Nuclear Weapons Committee report Bob Howarth reviewed plans for members to submit guest columns to newspapers. Dr. Patrie will submit an article in February. See full nuclear weapons committee reports on www.wncpsr
  • Proposed 2017 Schedule:

Jan. 15/Bob Howarth;  Feb. 5/Lew Patrie;  Mar. 5/Dot Sulock; Apr.2/Terry Clark; May7/Brita Clark; Jun.4/Mary Olson; Jul.2/Bert Crain; Aug. to Dec. TBD.

  • Meeting with legislators: Action: Terry and Brita Clark will work on arranging meetings with legislators or aides.

Please review PUBLICATION GUIDELINES, Jan.16, 2017 for your assistance.

  • Mary Olson reported on her work on opposition to transport of highly radioactive liquid from Canada to South Carolina. This would be a first time event. Letter of concern sent to NC Governor Cooper signed by multiple groups including WNCPSR.
  • Mary Olson reported on progress on her work organizing a side session at the UN in 2017 concurrent with the UN meeting to develop a ban on nuclear weapons. Bert Crain expressed interest in attending the UN meeting. Plan: Bert Crain and Mary Olson will confer.
  • Executive Committee, no meeting
  • Volunteer requested by Barb Gottlieb, director of Environmental Health Committee, PSR to be a contact person for PSR in North Carolina.  The volunteer would be asked to identify health professionals who could write an op-ed, make a statement, or otherwise engage to respond to key federal policy votes.  Plan: Dr. Clark will look further into this and report.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM

Next meeting: Friday, February 17, 2017

Respectfully submitted, Terry Clark