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August 17, 2018

PSR-WNC minutes Aug 17, 2018

Present: Terry, Brita, Phil, Sallee, Scott, Bert, Dot, John Curry
Visitors: Ken Jones – Keep Space for Peace
Tracey Roizman
Mary Anne Tierney –

Ken Jones: Oct 6-13 Keep Space for Peace
Especially important with Trump’s new Space Force

Tracey Roizman and Mary Anne Tierney:
Concerned about micro-radiation from cell phones, smart meters, etc.
Three handouts

Treasurer’s report: $5481.14

Signed Letters to Burr, Tillis, Meadows, McHenry, Paul Rand.

Voted to make Paul Rand an honorary member of our chapter.

Scott gave us a new document outlining goals, strategies, teams, and possible name changes.
Agreed to discuss this document next time.

Terry, Lew, and Scott formed a committee to plan a Keep Space for Peace event.

Bert told us about Baltimore and Los Angeles passing resolutions requesting federal action on nuclear weapons disarmament. Bert gave Dot copies of the resolutions and both of them are going to try and find them in digital form.