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March 16, 2018

Minutes WNCPSR March 16, 2018

Attendees: Terry Clark, Lew Patrie, Beth Gilman, Phil Bisesi, Scott Baker, Phil Neiheisel, Bert Crain, Robert Howarth, Brita Clark

Meeting held at The Congregational United Church of Christ, 20 Haywood St. Asheville

 I.) Review and approval of minutes Feb 16, 2018

 II.) Treasurer’s report, Lew Patrie  Balance: $4290.89

III.) Business:

 IV.) Nuclear Weapons Committee Report, Bob Howarth  (sent for electronic copy 2 19 18)

 V.) Report on Pax Christi meeting at Saint Eugene’s Church.  5 WNCPSR chapter members attended the presentation by Marie Dennis, Co-president, Pax Christi. She noted that non-violence is essential to the Roman Catholic Church Tradition.  She noted that we need to resist succumbing to the limits of political realism, similar to the way in which the youth at Parkland High School rejecting “no” as an answer as to what can be done to address gun violence. 

VI.) Letter to NC Senators Burr and Tillis and representatives Meadows and McHenry, signed and sent. We expressed concern about the Trump  Administration’s  proposed sale of nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia. These reactors can be utilized to make weapons grade uranium. We urged our legislators to block the proposed sale of nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia.

VII.) Speaker for a WNCPSR sponsored presentation. We discussed potential speakers. Action: We formed a committee to study the issue and bring back a recommended plan. Committee: Terry, Bob and Scott 


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