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September 21, 2018

WNC PSR Minutes September 21, 2018

Present: Leslie, Lew, Terry, Irma, Bob, Phillip, Phil, Dot

I.) Review and approval on Minutes of 8/17/17

II.) Treasurer’s report: Balance $5556.14

III.) Business-
-Group signed Dot’s letters to senators Tillis, Burr, Paul, Rep. Meadows, and signed blank sheet for letters to McHenry and Corey Booker, sponsor of Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA). Dot agreed to send the letter without signatures to all the co-sponsors.

- Discussed Leslie’s proposed guest editorial and offered help.

- Discussed LA and Baltimore resolutions and how to approach City Council and/or Buncombe County Commissioners. Julie Mayfield and Brownie Newman good connections.

- Bob and Irma described the book One Second After as recommended reading on possible effects of an electromagnetic pulse attack.

We voted to donate $500 to the PSR Visionary Leaders Event on Nov. 8. Discussed support for those planning to attend.

Discussed possibilities for Keep Space for Peace week. Agreed to stand at Vance Monument on October 10, Wed, from 5-6 holding Leslie’s banner which she will re-letter for that event, smaller signs will be made also.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Clark