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January 19, 2018

Minutes, WNCPSR, January 19, 2018

Attendees,  Lew Patrie, Bob Howarth, Irma Howarth, Brita Clark, Terry Clark, Phil Bisesi, Beth Gilman, Leslie Poplawskie, Unable to attend: Bert Crain, Scott Baker

  1.  I. Approval of minutes of November 2017 with one change 
  2.  II. Treasurers report, Dr. Patrie, January 1, 2018 report and 2017 yearly report, Balance 1/1/18       $5,143.59 

Terry Clark submitted the IRS form 990 form for 2017 on 1/17/18 Reimbursements: Mary Olson $127.00 for expenditures for 12/14/18 Treaty Celebration Party, Terry Clark, will submit request re. IRS form 990, filing fee $39.95 

 III. Business:

 1.) Discussion re December 14th   celebration/party, on  “The Treaty for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons” we concurred that it was a successful gathering, 65 attendees and lots of good conversation

  2.) Review of flier in support of “The Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act”; we encourage distribution to public

  3.) Bob Howarth reported on the chapter’s project to promote public awareness of nuclear weapons issues. He noted plans for submission of guest editorials to Asheville Citizen Times. Group concurred that we will hold a Nuclear Weapons Committee Meeting sometime in the next couple of weeks. Bob Howarth will circulate by e-mail options of dates to hold the committee meeting. Several of the group stated they are interested in attending the committee meeting, so we will circulate notice of the meeting to all attendees of today’s meeting and other wncpsr members.  

  •  Women’s March tomorrow in Asheville, encourage distribute flier re legislation “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons” and backup flier “Back from the Brink” which includes good references for more in depth reading.
  • Phil Bisesi  introduced consideration that we address the multiple, often difficult to recognize, causes of cancer and develop ideas of how the causes of cancer can be identified.   

3.) Donation of $500 to The Oak ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, to support  their good work towards attempt to halt the construction of a new bomb building plant (UPF) in Oak Ridge, motion submitted by Lew Patrie, seconded by Bob Howarth and unanimous support for donation.  

4.) Group discussed the excellent op-ed by Asheville Psychiatrist Steve Buser MD, published in the NY Times on … link

 5.) Goals for 2018 

We reviewed, modified and updated 2017 Chapter plans. The discussion produced a number of ideas. These included: 

a.) Continued representation on the national board. 

b.) Reaching youth and use of social media. Noted that many people get their news from platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Action: Leslie offered to teach how to set up and use Twitter.

c.) Educate the public re nuclear weapons issues.

d.) Need to discuss our work on Climate Chang

e.) Hold 3 general membership/ general public conferences in 2017

f.) Consider forming a speakers bureau

g.) Support Mary Olson’s work on radiation exposure and the disproportionate effect on girls and women. 

h.) Other goals that we will consider and establish concrete goals:

  1.  1.0) Focus on environmental issues affecting North Carolina and surrounding states
  2.  2.0) Raise sufficient funds to support the work of the chapter
  3.  3.0) Review financial policies and procedures and revise as needed
  4.  4.0) Recruit members, set concrete goals 
  5.  5.0) Expand interaction with medical community
  6.  6.0) Review website and keep updated and revise as needed.
  7.  7.0) Discuss how obtaining staff could improve our effectiveness. 


Respectfully submitted,

Terry Clark



Next meeting:  February 16, 2018