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August 19, 2022

Western North Carolina Chapter, Physicians for Social Responsibility

Meeting, August 19, 2022

Via Zoom

Attendees, Scott, Bert, Dot, Phil B., Mary, Bob, Irma, Mike, Brita, unable to attend, Charles

12:30 Welcome

-Agenda approved

-Treasurer’s report, Bert Crain, Balance in account, $1,523.32 after $50.00 check to Rachel towards her expenses concerning International Day of Peace,

Terry reports we collected $45.00 by donations at the Hiroshima Day observance in downtown Asheville on 8/6/2022. He will deposit such in our chapter account. Mary Olson notes that she will help with fundraising

- Hiroshima/Nagasaki days of Remembrance on 8/6/22 and 8/9/22 in downtown Asheville. Very successful. Brita prepared and we distributed more than 50 potted plants and a small card with nuclear weapons information, to passersby. Public very positively receptive. Young and old thanked us for our work to eliminate nuclear weapons. Then on 8/9/22 we had a similar observance at the site of the PSR planted cherry tree in park in downtown Asheville. Again, distributed more than 50 small potted plants and the nuclear weapons information card, plus much public support for our work. Photo and narrative sent to national.

- Name change to NCPSR, phone call placed to national, information pending

-Review of Bylaws, no information

-Open letter to Biden, Putin and Zelensky; prepared by Leslie with input from Terry. Leslie submitted to the Washington Post

-letter by Bert sent to NC legislators concerning aspects of the Military budget,

Support of House Resolution 1185 encouraged.

Catholic Committee of Appalachia, Bob and Irma shared information and planning about WNCPSR having an information table at the Committees annual conference in Black Mt. Dot and Terry offered to help with the project. Set for 9/16/22 thru 9/18/22

- Committee on Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, Bert reported. much activity and national publication of such in national media concerning the recently released second volume of the famine risk if nuclear war, limited or all out between Russia and US. Continued work on Back from the Brink.

- ONE PSR, no meeting in August

Discussion of in-person vs zoom based meetings in light of covid. We reviewed the guidelines we have established. We will continue to assess the risk of contagion. We will announce a week in advance if the Sept meeting is in-person or zoom

- Zoom training, we need to arrange.

Next meeting, Friday, Sept, 23rd 2022, site not yet established

Items for next meeting:

Raves, Resources, Notices,

Boston-Annual Global Peace and Health Concert

Meeting ended at 2:10 PM 

Terry Clark, Secretary