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February 18, 2022

Minutes, Feb 18 2022

Attendees: Lew, Lynn, Bert, Scott, Mary, Terry, Phillip Bissesi, Sallee, Bob, Irma, Brita, Terry

I Approval, minutes of 1 21 22, as written

II Treasurer’s report, Scott:no recent expenditures nor deposits. Balance $1,896.92

action: Scott moves, Brita seconds and group unanimously votes to send a $200 contribution to our Website manager for recent medical expenses

III Business:

-Report on rally, “Stop the Nuclear Maddness” celebration of the one year anniversary of the Entry into Force of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) at Pack Square on 1 22 22. sponsored by “Reject Raytheon,Avl” with participation by WNCPSR. Attendance approximately 40 

-Letters to Editors concerning TPNW: Bert had letters published in the Asheville Citizen Times, Charlotte Observer and Hickory Daily Record; Terry had letter published in Asheville Citizen Times; letters available at

-Report from PSR Committee on Abolition of Nuclear Weapons: Bert reports the committee is focused on the crisis with Ukraine; recent article by Ira Helfand reviews the serious risks and horrific consequences of the use of nuclear weapons. PSR preparing a power-point presentation that addresses the Ban Treaty and will be availible for our use.

Scott, Brita and Bert emphasize continued writing of letters, calling legislators and sharing such as these articles including post on Facebook, to keep these important issues in public and legislator’s awareness.

-Recent good articles: Circulated by Leslie: 2022/01/30/nuclear-warfare-without-bombs/

-Ira Helfand in The Nation

Circulated by Mary Olson and Helen Thomas:http:


-Terry and Scott will meet re chapter leadership issues.

Next meeting: 3 18 22 by Zoom. Discussion re in person meetings: Group decides to wait and weigh the continued risk of Covid before restarting in-person meetings

Terry Clark