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June 17, 2022

Minutes Western NC PSR June 17, 2022

 Meeting held in-person at First United Congregational Church of Christ

Attendees: Lew Patrie, Lynn Patrie, Scott Baker, Leslie Poplawskie, Bob Howarth, Mike Dickinson, Dot Sulock, Brita Clark, Terry Clark

I. Minutes 5/20/2022 Approved as written

II. Treasurers report, Bert, Scott

In process of Bert taking over the role of Treasurer. Scott and Bert will change the bank branch for more ready access.

-Doctors Without Borders, Several of members make contribution to DWB. Action: We will assess what we are able to donate as a chapter

III. Business 

-Change of chapter identity from WNCPSR to PSR, North Carolina, NCPSR. Terry offers to confer with Taylor Johnson at national PSR regarding the process of this change.

- Plan to identify and communicate with our supporters. Have a speaker and invite the area members and the public.


Dot presents a letter concerning the threat of nuclear weapons. Letter will be sent to 17 national and state legislators and candidates for offices including US Senate Cheryl Beasley Letters signed by all attendees. It emphasizes implementing the goals of Back From the Brink. It will be posted on our website.

Completion of roster of steering committee. Members asked to review the draft of the roster and add any committee members that are missing. Steering Committee is defined as regular attendees of monthly Chapter meetings

-Committee on Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, Bert reports:

$813 billion approved for nuclear weapon program at DOE.

Bert notes that the Union of Concerned Scientists and PSR Los Angeles are good sources on expenditure for weapons; PSR, Los Angeles continued focus on the Back from the Brink Campaign.

-One PSR (Chapter leaders meeting) Terry noted that the recent meeting featured a presentation by Martin Fleck PSR’s Nuclear Abolition Program. Meeting well attended.

- Mike reports that the Project on Government (POGO) is a good source of government expenditures

-By-laws, We will review our bylaws and update

Review of 6/27/ 22 ad hoc committee meeting whose goal is to reach a broad audience re nuclear weapons . See minutes of committee meeting. Plan to review the document and establish time-lines for several of the actions.

- Bob Howarth shared the proposal to have a table concerning the threat of use of nuclear weapons at The Catholic Committee of the Appalachian in September. All attendees supportive of this project and several volunteered staffing the table. Plan: establish concrete plans. Review at July meeting

-Scott offered to look into tabling at a Methodist event

-Dot offered to look into giving a presentation at a Sierra Club

-Showing the movie: “The Man Who Saved the World.” Group concurred that we will arrange showing at a public library. Action: Dot offered to look into arranging the movie at a public library

-Report on the program “Defuse Nuclear Weapons” Scott noted that this is a daily on-line program that is a good source of information re nuclear weapons.

Leslie shared and distributed copies of a good, informative copy of an article describing the linked relation ship between the commercial nuclear power industry and the military pertaining to nuclear power and the production of nuc weapons dependent on utilizing technology and other components of the commercial industry.

-Report of Ploughshares Gala. Scott gave a brief report re the event.

Noted interesting aspect of application of game theory to nuc weapons issues

- Report re. Poor Peoples March. Scott noted upcoming event in Washington DC. Encouraged attendance/support.

Terry introduced a policy proposal concerning prevention of spreading Covid 19 at in-person meetings. Group discussed, modified and unanimously adopted the following policy:


In order to minimize the risk of contracting covid at chapter meetings:

1. Chapter requests that people planning to attend meetings do not have recent fever, symptoms characteristic of covid or recent exposure to someone with covid.

2. We request that all attendees be vaccinated

3. Use social distancing at meetings.

4. If covid infection case numbers surge in the community, we will consider if we cancel in-person meetings and resume zoom 

-Scott noted that towards the end of each meeting that there will be an item: Raves, Resources, Notices. This will provide a time for attendees to share information fer interesting readings and resources. Scott shares and recommends a recent book: Why We Fight, (The Cost of Nuclear War)

-Next meeting – Friday, July 15th

Tutorial on the use of Twitter. Leslie provided a 45 minute in-service on the use of twitter to help in our work concerning nuclear weapons. Thank you Leslie.