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November 18, 2022

Minutes WNCPSR 11/18/22

Attendees: Scott , Bert, Terry, Brita, Leslie, Phil, Sallee, Dot, Bob, Irma, Lew, Lynn
Unable to attend: Charlie

-Meeting held in person at The First Congregational United Church of Christ.

-Scott Baker presented a recommended reading: “The Apocalypse Factory, Plutonium and the Making of the Atomic Age”, Steve Olson 2020

I. Approval of 10/21/22 minutes as written

II. Treasurer’s report: balance $3,304.00
Recent donations $2,346.00

III. Old business:

- Virtual Gala PSR: Bert, Scott Baker, Terry attended; WNCPSR was recognized as a regional sponsor; Scott will pass on our comments to Jeff Carter

-Insurance, Scott, looking into.

- Nuclear Blast Maps, presentation by Charlie Mahan, deferred to next meeting

- Asheville Holiday Parade, tomorrow, 11/19/22, review of logistics; several members will march. Gather at 10:30, march starts at 11:00, chapter will make a $100 donation to the One Earth Coalition towards expenses by Veterans for Peace. Dot volunteered to cover this expense.

- “Erwin Citizen’s Awareness Network” (ECAN) has informed us of their concerns of planned expansion of work with uranium production in Erwin, TN to include production of “purified uranium” Plan: Terry will communicate with Linda Modica to learn of the status of ECAN’s concerns and appeal

- Scott Baker and Terry Clark report on a recent meeting with Scott Mahan, MD who presented observations and a proposal that includes WNCPSR to reach out to the younger physicians. He offered to be actively involved in this emphasis. He proposed we expand our mission to include the existential threat posed by the warming of the earth and our changing climate. Also to consider, when practicable, to address specific public health concerns that effect our community, He noted that the younger generation has enthusiasm concerning the need to address climate change and other environmental issues, particularly how these issues impacts health and healthcare. He proposes that the chapter invite them to participate in the work similar to what PSR on a national level is doing with climate change and environmental issues. He noted that a such a new emphasis will appeal to medical personnel in a way that the issue of nuclear disarmament, while a serious concern, does not. He also noted that there is no contradiction between the two emphases. To the contrary, the enthusiasm for one emphasis can add to, not subtract from, our effectiveness. He envisions that he could facilitate the formation of an interest group of younger generation physicians in the medical community with whom he has a relationship.

Members responded had an enthusiastic positive response about Dr. Mahan’s proposal. Dr. Baker, asked that members give the proposal some thought and then give feedback to him and he will communicate with Dr. Mahan.

January activity: An event on Saturday, 11 21 22, at Pack Square Park to recognize the second anniversary of the coming into force of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear War (TPNW). Use of signs, hand out information and post cards to address and send.

-Offer by Mary Olson to arrange a short course on effects of exposure to ionizing radiation. Dot suggested Mary look into teaching a course at OLLIE Plan: encourage discussion of this at next chapter meeting.

Meeting ended at 2:00 PM

No Chapter meeting in December

Holiday luncheon at Dot’s home on Friday, 12/16/22

Next chapter meeting Friday, January 20,2023

Terry Clark

Addendum: We need to add $10.00 to donation to church for extra hour of meeting time several days ago.