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October 21, 2022

Minutes WNCPSR Meeting 10/21/22

Meeting convened at First Congregational United Church of Christ.

Attendees: Scott Baker, Bert Crain, Terry Clark, Bob Howarth, Irma Howarth, Charlie Mahan, Scott Mahan, Lew Patrie, Lynn Patrie

Group member introductions and welcome to Scott Mahan


-Reminder of Covid precaution policy for attendance at in-person meetings:


- In order to minimize the risk of the spreading of covid at Chapter


1. Chapter requests that people planning to attend meetings do not

have recent fever, symptoms characteristic of covid or recent

exposure to someone with covid.

2. We request that all attendees be vaccinated.

3. Use social distancing at meetings

4. If covid case numbers surge in the community, we will consider if

we cancel in-person meeting

I. Minutes of September 16, 2022 approved

II. Business: Bank balance, $2,549 - Bert

- Fundraising letter, 38 letters mailed to potential donors on 10/11/22

- Planning for an event in January in recognition of the second anniversary of entry into force of The Treaty on The Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, Group agreed to have a demonstration event in Pack Square Park, at site of former Vance Monument We will provide information and post cards to send to legislators re nuclear weapons related issues

-Report sent on 10 17 22, to national PSR listing chapter activities pertaining to nuclear weapons issues

-PSR Virtual Gala fundraising event, 6:00-7:30 PM. EST, Thursday Nov. 11th

-Radiation, Mary Olson has offered to give a short course on basics of harm from exposure to ionizing radiation and more, tailored to radiation related topics that PSR members choose.

Plan: discuss with PSR members and other interested and reply to Mary Olson.

-Bylaws report: pending by Terry

- Asheville Holiday Parade- we have advised Ken Jones that chapter members will participate in the parade with the Peace Coalition on Saturday, Nov. 19th We await further information from Ken.

- Committee on Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, report, Bert

addressed heightened concerns re risk of use of nuclear weapons

-ONE PSR meeting, Scott Baker attended. Focus was on fundraising.

- Letters, Bert prepared a letter to legislators re huge funding of military.

Group members signed the letter

-Request from Linda Modica, with Erwin Citizens Awareness Network, for PSR support in contesting expansion of nuclear weapons fuel manufacturing in Erwin, Tennessee. Plan: Terry will communicate with Linda Modica.

-NC. Congressional Representative Dan Bishop voted in favor of funding cuts to the military. Attendees concur this warrants a thank you

Recommend we send thank you message for his vote in favor of decreasing military budget by one hundred million dollars

-Nuclear Blast maps, Charles Mahan shared maps of the effect of the area that will be destroyed incinerated and radioactively contaminated should a nuclear weapon be detonated.

Plan: Allocate time for the above topic of maps in next meeting

Resources: Scott Baker recommended an informative, well written article by Eric Slosser in the Atlantic Magazine “What if Russia Uses Nuclear Weapons” Of note the article addresses non- nuclear weapons responses that could be considered and effective.

Terry Clark