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September 16, 2022

Minutes of WNCPSR Meeting 9/16/2022

Present: Scott, Lew, Lynn, Bert.

Present by phone: Terry, Brita

Minutes of last meeting were approved.

Bob H. reported that the display-info center at The Catholic Committee on Appalachia event in Black Mt. went off well. Bob reviewed some key points of the TPNW and we received 4 new names for our mailing list. There were a lot of the handouts left over which can be used at a later event. The bishop in attendance thanked us personally.

Treasurer Report: We have a balance of $1523.

Brita suggested we plan an event for the 2nd anniversary of the ratification of the TPNW on Jan. 22, 2023. No definite plans yet.

Mary O. has volunteered to help with a fund-raising letter. Scott has written a letter.

We will be reviewing and updating by- laws including about terms of service.

Terry stressed that a letter to world leaders should show concern for the current high danger and support for the TPNW. It gives them the opportunity to be a hero instead of a failure.

PSR has been invited by Veterans for Peace to participate in the Asheville Holiday Parade as part of The One Earth Coalition along with some 20+ other groups. We will try to participate and Terry will notify Ken Jones.

Bert gave a brief report of PSR nationals CAN teleconference. The intersection of climate change and the chance of conflict escalating to nuclear was stressed. HR 1185-McGovern, Jayapal, and Blumenauer now has 6 new sponsors and they are trying to promote a companion bill in the senate.

Scott reported on One PSR-chapter leaders conference and stressed the large budgets of large chapters and what we accomplish voluntarily.

Terry stressed importance of letting National know what we have done-they might need it for fund-raising- and suggested we consider inviting a young PSR activist like Jasmine Owens to speak.

Next Meeting will be Friday Oct 21.

Submitted by:

Bert Crain